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Last December, the Polish manufacturer Zmorph revealed its new positioning with the launch of professional machines, gradually wishing to move away from the home market. He thus introduced us to the Zmorph Fab, an all-in-one 3D printer equipped with interchangeable heads to offer users milling, engraving and laser cutting functions. The company returns to the forefront with a new large format machine, the Zmorph i500, intended for industrial markets such as automotive and aerospace. It will be officially launched on April 20, but here is a quick first glimpse of the machine!

Founded in 2012, Zmorph is mainly known for its multi-tool 3D printers which offer the possibility of combining several manufacturing methods such as 3D printing, milling or laser cutting. Its hybrid machines are renowned for being easy to use and relatively affordable. In 2020, the company raises funds of $ 1.2 million and takes a strategic turn: it wants to address the professional and industrial market. It approaches the manufacturer HBOT and together they imagine a machine that meets the needs of professional users; this is how the Zmorph i500 was born.

The Zmorph Fab

Zmorph i500, a professional 3D printing solution

The new 3D printer would feature a much larger platen and continuous 3D printing workflow, allowing engineers to maximize productivity and performance. Still based on the molten material deposition process, the Zmorph i500 incorporates quality components, with this in mind to offer a durable solution with high uptime and maximized throughput. All technical specifications will be revealed on April 20.

In terms of applications, the Zmorph i500 is aimed at the aerospace sector as well as the automotive, R&D or military industry depending on the manufacturer. It would have been designed for the production of parts in small series, tailor-made tools or even rapid prototyping.

Magdalena Jagiełło, CEO de Zmorph, ajoute: « The recent changes at Zmorph show that the company is ready to go further. Our new 3D printer will certainly open up new possibilities for the 3D printing industry. This has not yet shown its full capabilities and the Zmorph team wants to be part of the advancement of the technology, allowing it to be used more and more in factories. This time we are going to offer something unique in its category. »

See you on April 20 to learn more about the Zmorph i500! In the meantime, do not hesitate to go to the Polish brand’s website to discover its range of FDM machines. And you, what do you think of this strategic turning point? Do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments of the article or with members of the 3Dnatives forum. Find all our videos on our YouTube channel or follow us on Facebook or Twitter !


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