Will Switzerland have its “gigafactory” of batteries?

The car manufacturer Volkswagen has just announced the creation in Europe of six “gigafactories”, giant factories for the production of batteries, for an investment estimated at 29 billion francs. With a total capacity of 240 gigawatt-hour (enough to equip around 4 million vehicles per year), these projects are added to around twenty others on the old continent, starting with that of Tesla (250GWh) in Berlin . These various investments estimated at more than 70 billion euros create a unique opportunity for Swiss industry.

Why it’s Kolossal. By fining, since 2020, car manufacturers whose vehicles exceed emissions of 95 grams of CO2 per kilometer, the European Union has forced the transition to electric mobility. As the batteries are expensive to transport from Asia due to safety precautions, the factories that produce them are relocating to Europe. Giving birth to an avalanche of gigafactory projects. A windfall from which dozens of Swiss subcontractors benefit, while a first project of the same type could emerge in Valais.


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