The single-seater has reminded us in recent years that the Faucheuse was still on the track, taking the lives of two promising French drivers.

The deaths of Jules Bianchi and Anthoine Hubert could cool more than one in the face of the high stakes of the competition. For Pierre Gasly, however, we must ignore the danger in sport.

The AlphaTauri pilot recalled that he and his fellows accept the existence of the risk of hurting themselves or, worse, of killing themselves and that the passion for competition remains stronger than anything.

“Speed ​​brings adrenaline but also danger, recalls Gasly, guest on the set of the show Quotidien. I myself had a bad success and we have lost a few drivers in recent years, including my friend Anthoine Hubert. It’s not easy, but it’s something you accept when you’re a pilot. It’s the same with an astronaut. “

“There is a risk when you are a pilot, Pierre continues. But we go above that otherwise we can no longer be efficient. There is nothing else that makes me happier than being in Formula 1 and fighting against the best drivers in the world. No matter the risk, being an F1 driver is what I want to do and hopefully become a world champion one day. “

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