What is the Entrepreneur Office?

After the family offices, here is the Entrepreneur Office. Behind this name, created by the wealth management firm Carat Capital, hides a service for a new generation of entrepreneurs who are at the origin of a new kind of heritage, with very distant expectations. those of the great historical French family fortunes. With the Entrepreneur Office, the idea is to help them build a sustainable heritage, through the prism of growth and entrepreneurial spirit.

Obviously, entrepreneurs focused on investment and heritage are nothing new. In Tech, they are commonly called “business angels”. And in France, there is no shortage of them, like Xavier Niel, Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, Olivier Mathiot, Francis Nappez, Thibaud Elzière, Marc Menasé or Marc Simoncini. But with the Entrepreneur Office, the idea is to go one step further. “One of the strengths of the Entrepreneur Office of Carat Capital is its ability to connect its entire community of entrepreneurs: clients, managers of companies in which its clients have invested, managers of investment funds, sometimes very involved in French Tech, France Digitale, Galion, Croissance Plus …», Says Cédric Genet, co-founder of Carat Capital.

Listen to our conversation with Cédric Genet to understand what an Entrepreneur Office is:

“These new entrepreneurs want to make the right investments that make sense”

Unlike family offices, which prefer to grow their investments over several generations, entrepreneurs are more risk-taking, with the desire for a rapid and effective strike force. “These new entrepreneurs do not necessarily want to bequeath all their fortune to their descendants but want to make the right investments that make sense, with a strong notion of risk and a need for reactivity.», Explains Carat Capital. However, “they need a lot of security in the management of their personal assets, because running a business means taking risks on a daily basis», Specifies the cabinet. Hence the interest of getting closer to a structure like Carat Capital: “They are waiting for a real close relationship with their advisor, they want to be relieved of the stress and the operational management of their assets, to be taken in hand on legal, financial, social, tax, real estate matters, with a professional approach that allows them to reconcile the impact of their business on their private assets. They expect decision aids, more than proposals.»

With such support, entrepreneurs can then make investment choices with more serenity. Among the sectors that capture their most attention, education, environment and health are on the rise, while they are also interested in alternative investment formats such as cryptocurrencies. And if entrepreneurs, by nature, like to reinvest their money in new start-ups, so as to give back to the ecosystem what it has given them, some are developing a broader, even philanthropic, approach to making investments. in impactful themes such as the fight against global warming and social inequalities. In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, and as France becomes the cradle of more and more unicorns, the Entrepreneur Office has a bright future ahead of it.


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