Ce qui change le 1er avril 2021 pour les automobilistes

E85: conversion possible on models with particulate filters

Following the publication of a decree in the Official Journal at the beginning of March, the installation of an E85 conversion kit finally becomes possible on petrol engine vehicles equipped with a particulate filter. Or the most recent models, which will finally benefit from fuel that costs less than 70 cents per liter. Another category of vehicles finally concerned from April 1: those over 15 HP. Nine out of ten petrol cars are now compatible.

Another novelty linked to E85: the Grand Est region is launching a new aid campaign, with a € 1 box, within the limit of € 900 aid. Quality limited to 1000 files.

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Pound: end of the reform

In November 2020, the State launched a reform of the procedures in the pounds. The goal: to simplify the entry, exit and management procedures of vehicles. Among the main changes: a new description of the condition of the vehicle, the end of the expertise and the fact that a vehicle at market value deemed insufficient is declared abandoned after ten days.

After being deployed to new departments on February 1 and then on March 1, the State will complete the implementation of these changes throughout the territory on April 1, 2021.

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Reminders: a new site for information

In April, the government will launch a new website dedicated to recalls. It will thus contain an inventory of products which present a defect and are the subject of a recall campaign. Automobile will of course be discussed on this site. Professionals will be required to make a declaration on the “Recall Conso” site, which will allow consumers to be better informed.

Purchase aid for the most modest: a new micro-credit

It was launched at the end of March, it is an opportunity to put it forward for those who would have missed it. The government has launched a microcredit to help the poorest people change their vehicle. The amount of the loan can be up to € 5,000, with repayment over a maximum of five years. The credit is 50% guaranteed by the State. You have to buy a new or used vehicle with an electric, plug-in hybrid or thermal engine Crit’Air 1. The microcredit is added to the bonuses and conversion premiums.

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Gray card: new terminals at La Poste

In 2020, La Poste tested two “gray card” terminals in Parisian stores. It expands the experience to 50 sites located in Île-de-France. These terminals allow you to have a provisional registration certificate in less than 15 minutes, without going through the ANTS site. The final gray card is sent to the home in a few days. The service is billed at € 29.90.


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