Diane Duvert, la vice-présidente à la CCI Bordeaux-Gironde était l'invitée de France Bleu Gironde, ce mardi.

It’s a special day on France Bleu, with the launch of the “Challenge young people of the future”, which will last until May 21. The idea, in the 44 local radio stations of the network, is to put young job seekers in touch with artisans and entrepreneurs. The objective is set at 50,000 “matches” for internship, work-study or first job offers.

Guest of France Bleu Gironde on this occasion, this Tuesday, Diane Duvert, vice-president of the Bordeaux-Gironde Chamber of Commerce and Industry, came to take stock of the employment of these young people in a context of health crisis. “If we want qualified employees for the future, we have to take care of young people today, that we bring them our knowledge and that they bring us a little bit of new blood.“, she warns, calling not to stop hiring.

She herself continued them, within her company, Sovia in Bordeaux-Nord, which operates in the sale and repair of heavy goods vehicles. “We have 40 employees, there are four work-study students and apprentices within the company “, she explains, recalling that the sector “automotive and heavy goods vehicles are recruiting all the time“. She also quotes the construction sector, or certain services that continue to give apprentices a chance. “There are sectors which are in demand of young people, which need additional staff and which, unfortunately, cannot find any.“.

More 40% apprenticeship but less -20% internships

Overall, the apprenticeship sector is not doing too badly, despite the health crisis. In 2020, around 495,000 apprenticeship contracts were signed in the private sector in 2020, an increase of almost 40% compared to 2019. The apprenticeship was carried by the bonus decided last summer, and extended until the end of May 2021, of 5,000 euros for the hiring of a minor apprentice and of 8,000 euros for a major.

However, recognizes Diane Duvert, “there are sectors that are suffering a lot, such as catering and retail. These companies cannot take young people at the moment since they are closed “. The 1,400 work-study students at the Campus du Lac, in Bordeaux, nevertheless continue to be trained in catering, with the addition of training modified by the appearance of “click and collect”. “We have seen the responsiveness of restaurateurs who have been able to sell to take away“, underlines the vice-president of the CCI. “We also train young people in this direction since we have training courses, for example, on web marketing.“.

On the other hand, if the apprenticeship is going well, “for internships it’s very complicated“, recognizes Diane Duvert. The number of internships fell by 22% between 2019 and 2020.”Today, companies are under multiple economic and health constraints, with protocols, risks for our employees, our collaborators. Taking interns today is an additional risk and a constraint which is added to the compulsory constraints due to the crisis “.


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