Wallonia wants to be more welcoming for motorhomes

Motorhome users, who are known to be more and more numerous, now have a map listing the thirty or so equipped reception areas currently in Wallonia, Walloon Minister of Tourism René Collin announced on Thursday. . The latter intends to encourage the development of reception sites and their promotion.

This map, printed in 6,000 copies and also downloadable from the website of the ASBL Wallonie Belgique Tourisme, lists 27 equipped areas, two in the province of Hainaut, three in the province of Liège, six in the province of Namur and 16 in the province of Luxembourg. These sites offer at least gray water emptying services (shower and sink), black water emptying (WC) and a drinking water point.

However, the supply of equipped areas remains insufficient in Wallonia, especially as motor homes are arousing growing enthusiasm, acknowledges Minister Collin, who has revised, for the sake of simplification, the circular relating to the development of parking spaces. reception for motorhomes. These spaces now benefit from a regional subsidy of up to 60% if they are fitted out by the municipalities in the public space and from a subsidy of 50% (capped at 85,000 euros) if they are installed within a private campsite.

Couples over 50

Since the entry into force of this new circular two years ago (February 1, 2016), five new projects have been subsidized. An area was thus inaugurated in April 2017 in Houffalize while four projects will be operational next year and in 2020 (Trois-Pont, Floreffe, Herbeumont and Paliseul).

In the next three or four years, we should have a larger network to welcome a clientele that will only grow.“, assured René Collin, during a press conference in Barvaux-sur-Ourthe (province of Luxembourg).

The development of camper van reception areas and their promotion meet a real need, confirmed the president of the French-speaking Belgian League of Motorhome Clubs, Francis Mercenier. “Wallonia is often perceived as a transit zone that one crosses without stopping there“, he underlined, believing that better information of the motorhome operators will make it possible to generate”un return important“.

Couples over 50, generally wealthy and owners of their vehicle, are indeed the typical profile of these tourists. A French study estimates that motorhome users use it on average 75 nights per year and spend around thirty euros per day per person. So many expenses incurred for the benefit of the catering and local trade, insists Francis Mercenier.


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