Seeing Sebastian Vettel dragging his misery for his first Grand Prix at Aston Martin Racing was painful for many observers.

Eliminated in Q1 at Sakhir, the German started at the back of the grid and never managed to really get back up, logically finishing outside the points, not without clashing with Esteban Ocon.

According to Helmut Marko, the sports advisor of Red Bull, the quadruple world champion should have taken a sabbatical year after his ousting from Ferrari to come back stronger in 2022.

“I’m sure he would have done better to take a year off, indicates the Austrian, questioned by Motorsport-Total. It would have allowed him to take stock of himself and see if he really still wanted to be in Formula 1. “

“I think he had great opportunities for 2022. Instead, he preferred to sign for Aston Martin this season when this team is struggling more than in 2020, just like Mercedes”, insisted Mark.

“The AMR21 and the W12 are two very similar single-seaters. In any case, his poor performance of Sakhir does not help him to restore his image… ” he concludes.

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