Vesoul: Concealed work at the transporter Gefco, who are the people indicted?

The carrier that delivers and routes the parts for the Stellantis plant (formerly PSA) was the subject of a vast investigation. 10 people were indicted in Haute-Saône. The investigation began in 2017 in the highly competitive road transport sector.

10 people in total indicted

The last indictment was pronounced on Friday March 26. The CEO of Gefco has been indicted as the legal guardian of the logistics company GEFCO. The transport company is suspected of having benefited from an illegal system of “employee loans” by foreign companies. The man is placed under the status of assisted witness.

An investigation that begins in 2017

The investigation into this case was launched in 2017 after an inspection by the Dreal (Regional Directorate for the Environment, Planning and Housing) of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. An investigation has been opened for “concealed work” and “recourse in an organized group to the service of a person carrying out concealed work”, it had been entrusted to the Central Office for the Fight against Illegal Work (OCLTI).

Executives from Gefco and executives from a transport company in Alsace indicted

Four other Gefco executives responsible for sites based in Haute-Saône and Alsace have already been indicted on March 20 and placed under judicial supervision.

The day before, five first suspects had been indicted among which were three executives of another company based in Alsace. They are suspected of having created two companies in Slovakia and two in Poland, which allegedly supplied foreign truck drivers to Gefco illegally. Two officials of these foreign companies are also being prosecuted.

What is reproached by the justice to the transporter Gefco
The transporter, European leader in automotive logistics, is suspected of having benefited from an illegal system of “employee loans” by Polish and Slovak companies.

A discovery logistics base, precarious conditions for the drivers

During the investigation, the gendarmes discovered 35 drivers who were transiting “in unworthy conditions” on a logistics base in Quincey near Vesoul according to the Public Prosecutor.

An improvised “logistics base” for the forty or so truck drivers: “victims” of this system, in the words of the magistrate. It is at the same time the place of life of the drivers, and the place of maintenance and repair of the trucks.

The investigators discovered on this occasion the dilapidated living conditions in which these workers live. “Bungalows which collapse, water infiltration, persistent odors of sewage and mold,” recalls the prosecutor of the Republic of Vesoul.

Escaping the payment of social security contributions

For business leaders, the objective was to escape the payment of their social contributions in France “for a loss estimated by Urssaf at 800,000 euros between 2015 and 2018”, explained the Public Prosecutor of Haute- Saône Emmanuel Dupic.

In a press release, the FO-uncp union of the logistics group said it was “disgusted by the very serious situation within Gefco”. He asks the management to “commit to banishing slavery from the Gefco company” and “to act quickly to put an end to such acts.

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