Verstappen lost three tenths in the lap in Bahrain!

Max Verstappen competed in the Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix with a single-seater whose performance was greatly reduced. Without this, the Dutchman would probably have had no trouble winning.

Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko revealed that Max Verstappen did not compete in the Bahrain Grand Prix with a car to its full potential. On the contrary, since an analysis carried out by Red Bull Racing after the race showed that the RB16B lost three tenths of a second on a lap during the Grand Prix due to a differential problem.

« Max competed in the Bahrain Grand Prix with a diminished single-seater from the start, reveals Marko to the site At the start of the race, he first experienced problems with the differential. It cost us three tenths of a second per lap in the first sector. »

« It was the same for Sergio [Pérez]. Not only did they have less grip, but the rear wheels slipped and their tires tended to heat up. This is probably where we lost the Grand Prix, because we did not manage to widen the gap enough to protect ourselves from a Mercedes undercut. »

« And we had another problem afterwards, which was that we had to reduce engine power due to temperature concerns. But Max still managed to come back, that says a lot about the real level of competitiveness of our car. »

Marko therefore awaits the next Grand Prix, which will take place in Imola in two weeks, firmly!

« With our current package, which includes a very competitive engine, I think we are now on par with Mercedes., he believes. We know everything has to be perfect to beat them, we can’t make the slightest mistake. This is what we will try to do in Imola, hopefully with a reverse podium and this time a Max Verstappen on the top step. »

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