Today, it's fish in all sauces

The first of April obliges the marketing divisions of the manufacturers to feel themselves pushing a clown into the heart of their overflowing imagination… when it is not our colleagues who indulge in some delicious delirium. Small anthology of the best fish for April 2021.

Renault relaunches the Fuego (Caradisiac)

After resurrecting the Fiat 500 and Renault R5, Luca de Meo had already mentioned a revival of the 4L. But, the French manufacturer will not be satisfied with reviving the R5 in the guise of an electric city car. The redesigned diamond brand would consider offering a second chance to another legendary model of the brand: the Fuego.

Like the late Ford Puma coupe, which has become an SUV, the French 2-door “bolide”, which until now has greatly amused comedians, would return in the form of a crossover… coupe, competitor of the VW Taigo. Sold 260,000 copies in its first career, the Fuego 2.0 would be 100% electric – sharing the platform and components of the R5 EV – and would retain one of its most striking gimmicks, the black side stripes, typical of the ’80s .

Suzuki, after the Swace and the Across, makes way for the Supra “Around” (AutoWereld)

In lack of visibility on the European market and eager to revitalize its brand image, Suzuki will offer a third twinning with Toyota. After the Corolla, which became Swace, and the RAV-4 renamed Across, at the start of 2022, the Supra GR will also be offered in a Suzuki version as “Around”. The technology will not change, although the sports coupe will only be offered with the original BMW 2-liter turbo petrol – the inline-six remaining reserved for the Z4 and Supra.

Dacia Dustar (Dacia)

Dacia is the brand with the wind in its sails within the Renault Group. Building on the success of the Duster, Sandero and Sandero Stepway, the Romanian manufacturer can diversify. Downwards and ecology with the Spring electric urban SUV, but also towards… infinity and beyond.

Dacia, the best-value automotive brand, announces the launch of the world’s first (and only) affordable space program. Called DUSTAR, this innovative and unusual initiative represents a real first in the field of space travel, with a very first launch confirmed for today and can be followed live from 10 a.m. (Paris time) at the following link: https: //

Opel lance l’iQR (Opel)

Small detail that few observers had noticed, the Opel Manta GSE Restomod presented recently by Opel sported a silhouette of Raie Manta in the form of a QR code. The German brand presented its new vision of naming its models. Eager to dust off its image, Opel will now replace the traditional name of its cars with a QR code version: this is the iQR.

This innovation will bring Opel into a new digital era, offering endless possibilities for communication with other road users who will scan the iQR and can interact with the car owner. But also on a more pragmatic level since the iQR will allow the customer’s payment information to be stored to automate the payment of services in the workshop, for example …

GMA Time machine V12 (Top Gear)

Top Gear was pleased to hear that Gordon Murray is working on a time machine based on his T.50 supercar, the T-Minus 50. The car is lighter than other time machines on the market, can be controlled by a manual destination clock and reaches a maximum speed of 250 years per second. In addition, the model won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1926, prompting Henry VIII’s first wife to place an order. Deliveries will begin in 2149, just before the Mercedes-AMG One.

Caterham Seven Lube (Caterham)

Caterham may have just invented the best April Fool’s joke: the Seven Lube, to make getting in and out of the cramped Seven easier. Caterham admits that it was never easy to get in and out of the modest sports car without doors, hence this oil-based lubricant meant to grease the driver and passenger a bit to make the smoother process. Especially with the optional roof, the Seven Lube should make it easier for “rounder type people like rugby players or competition eaters”. A pot of Seven Lube costs £ 7.77.

Subaru Automatic Flagpole (Subaru)

Are you tired of looking for your car in the parking lot of your favorite furniture store? You no longer know where you parked your car on the street or at the airport? Are you a little too far away to activate the central locking remotely and spot the traffic lights? Rest assured, Subaru has thought of you and presents the Subaru Automatic Flagpole.

The principle is simple: on the remote control of your car key is a dedicated button that sends a signal to your car. This signal, reinforced by oscillation, creates a magnetic field that sends positively charged molecules to one side while negative particles leave to the other side. Thus, the signal is strong enough to activate the “Subaru Automatic Flagpole” at a distance of up to 200 meters away. The integrated LED lighting is an additional aid in poor visibility or darkness. They are strong at Subaru!

Patinated paint on sample (Porsche)

This April Fool’s Day may not have made us laugh as much as the previous two, but we want to include it for the effort Porsche has put into it. For the occasion, a professional video was made to highlight the history of Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, with particular emphasis on its special paint options. Today Porsche is showing its Patina paint for sample, a rust-based paint that gives the car a used look.

New Light (Alfa Romeo)

Alfa Romeo is finally responding to the coronavirus crisis and once again bringing a touch of holiday feeling to everyone who stays in their own country with Nuova Luce, a kind of Instagram filter for your car windows. The electrochromatic glass can be tinted in five different shades to bring the atmosphere of five different Italian destinations to this Stelvio. Alfa Romeo’s mood lighting team spent three weeks in each beautiful location creating filters that are larger than life. This is a painful job …


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