Tim Cook hints at the Apple Car

Tim Cook also spoke about his future at the apple company.

Apple CEO gave a lengthy interview to New York Times. The opportunity for Tim Cook to address many topics, including his personal projects, but also those of Apple and the record of self-driving cars came naturally to the table. As you probably know, a persistent rumor wants Apple to soon enter the automotive market by offering an electric and autonomous vehicle. A rumor that has been circulating for many years, despite the fact that Apple has never formalized anything about it.

In his interview, Tim Cook called self-driving cars the perfect match for the tech company that is Apple. “An autonomous car is a robot, so there is a lot you can do with autonomy; we will see what apple is doing“, Thus declared the CEO of the firm to the apple. “We like to integrate hardware, software, and services, and find the intersection points of those because we think that’s where the magic happens.

If Tim Cook does not really say that Apple is closely interested in the question of self-driving cars, and this, in a concrete way, the CEO of the firm still suggests that the idea crossed his mind. .

An autonomous driving platform?

These statements suggest in any case that the Cupertino company could develop a technological platform for autonomous driving that could be used by car manufacturers. In this case, Apple would not really offer an Apple Car, but would still put a foothold in the automotive sector with its autonomous driving software.

In fact, Apple had already mentioned its technological aspirations for autonomous driving in 2016, but since then nothing concrete has been revealed apart from its CarPlay in-car navigation system. However, many elements suggest that the American company is looking to get into this sector, and has been doing so for several years now via an autonomous driving platform, but also through a full-fledged car.

This second project is particularly ambitious, Apple’s business is indeed very far from the automotive world. This is why the company could join forces with already well-established manufacturers to help it develop its own car. It had also been question thatApple partners with Kia and / or Hyundai, more the discussions would not have ended in the end.

In any case, recent statements from Tim Cook only reinforce the rumor that Apple is looking to enter the automotive market. It remains to be seen whether his project will materialize as an autonomous driving platform or a full-fledged car, unless the challenge is too big for Apple and its ambitions never materialize. The CEO of the company has also indicated that Apple “explores a lot of things internally” even if “many of them will never see the light of day.”


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