Trois réseaux d'auto-écoles s'associent pour développer de nouveaux outils de formation

The code learning room, with a scrolling questionnaire and a question form to fill out: this is what should have disappeared within a few years. Driving schools want to adapt to the changing behavior of students who pass their license, an adaptation to forced march with the health crisis.

The ECF, CER and Club Rousseau networks, which represent 20% of driving and road safety education establishments, are therefore joining forces for “bring together and pool our skills and our meager financial resources”, explains Bruno Garancher, president of ECF (French Driving School) and co-president of this new “Alliance of Mobility Education Networks” (AREM).

More distance

The three networks have already launched, in May 2020, a Youtube channel intended for students in the process of learning, “My driving school at home”. The health crisis has changed the situation for a long time, esteem Bruno Garancher. Already before, our students had a tendency to detach themselves from our course calles, which can be understood: it was not _not logical to ask people for whom mobility is a problem to come at regular hours in class_, sometimes outside transport hours. “

Today, students are increasingly asking for collective or individual working time by videoconference, remotely. AREM thus relies on pooling its resources to create suitable tools and training modules.

The license later with the development of multi-modal

The health crisis has also strongly impacted mobility, with an impact on the passage of the driving license. “In urban areas, in particular _in the Paris region, the age at which you pass the license becomes later_, notes the president of ECF. People wait to be able to access certain financial aids, such as the personal training account, which requires having worked for a certain time. We also see people who start with two-wheelers before moving on to cars. “ In 2020, the 7-hour training course that allows you to switch from the B car license to the A1 license (for 125cc two-wheelers) has thus jumped by 60%..

Multi-modal becomes frequent, concludes Bruno Garancher. We are no longer in the days when we took our B license because we needed it. We go from home to the station with an electric bike, before taking the train, then taking a company car or a shared vehicle for specific trips. _It completely reshuffles the cards of driver training_.”


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