This Norman company turns old cars into electric vehicles - Ouest-France evening edition

In Lisieux, in Calvados, the start-up Lormauto specializes in automotive refit, technology change: it transforms cars with heat engines into electric vehicles. Its first prototype, a Twingo, has just been released.

(Map: Ouest-France)

From the parking lot of the SNCF train station in Lisieux (Calvados), Wednesday April 7, 2021, the first prototype of the Lormauto automobile brand looks like an old Twingo … But, when you are behind the wheel, you discover that this vehicle developed by the start -up normande is a small revolution. His promise is the refit (change of technology). That is to say, make new with old to put an end to planned obsolescence.

This concept, developed for computers or mobile phones, is also for airplanes, boats, trains or bus fleets.

During the last Vendée Globe, for example, 68% of the fleet was made up of older generation boats that had undergone modifications to improve their performance. The refit gives access to top-flight technology at reduced costs, compared to last generation boats.

Rental and carsharing for individuals

“What’s the point of exhausting our resources building cars that we throw away after 100,000 km?” This is no longer morally possible for the planet, summarize Sébastien Rolo, Chairman of Lormauto, and Franck Lefèvre, Chief Executive Officer. Our idea is to transform these thermal vehicles to give them a second “zero CO” life.2 », With engines, electronics and modular, bio-based, connected and modernizable interior comfort. ” In other words, almost indestructible.

Despite everything, extending the life of his car by 500,000 km is not really given for a private individual: “To transform this Twingo into an electric vehicle, it takes € 20,000”, specifies Franck Lefèvre, who is developing the Lormauto concept with around fifteen employees.

Hence the project to transform vehicle fleets for communities and businesses and to offer car-sharing rentals for individuals. “Our target is based on short urban journeys, home-work, short trips, as for home helpers for example, or around 7,500 km per year. “

Objective of 7,000 cars per year by 2030

Concretely, Lormauto buys thermal vehicles at the end of their life and dismantles them to keep only the bodywork. The modernization is based on a platform (mechanical, batteries, electronics, IT) designed by Lormauto in order to offer customers access to durable and scalable vehicles, at a low operating cost.

The company is in the process of prospecting for a building in the Pays d’Auge. Its objective is to launch the transformation of Twingo vehicles in June, with production of 1,000 Lormautos per year in 2022, to reach 7,000 cars per year in 2030. Sébastien Rolo and Franck Lefèvre are planning to hire ten people.

Lormauto, industrial reconditioning of thermal vehicles into electric and durable cars. Contact: 06 13 82 32 01 or [email protected]


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