The tires of the Algerian company IRIS Tires in the USA

Automobile – It is with a view to promoting the local product “made in Algeria”, a major priority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that the Algerian company IRIS Tires is exporting its tires to the State market. – United of America (USA).

Indeed, the success of Algerian non-hydrocarbon exports to foreign markets, such as that of IRIS Tires tires sent to the US automobile market, for strong economic growth, represents a major objective of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE). Sabri Boukadoum’s team went to meet national exporters. These, despite the health crisis, were able to achieve good results.

This relative success in exporting various local products concerns the private sector as well as the public sector. Smaïl Benamara is Ambassador-Adviser to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He went there for an official visit. The manager was pleasantly surprised by the results of IRIS. The latter already exports to several continents. It should also be noted that it has 700 active employees.

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The company aims to target new markets. It aims in fact to double its exports during 2021. The second visit of the ambassador-advisor led him to Faderco. It is a pioneer company in the hygiene sector in Algeria. It has shipped over 600 containers to Europe. This entrepreneurial entity plans to commission its second cellulose wadding plant.

The industrial complex should open its doors next June. He will offer in this way 280 new jobs. In addition, 80% of its production will be exported to Jordan, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mali and Mauritania. The Brandt Algeria brand, for its part, covers a very wide range of household appliances.

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The production of this is carried out at the level of the Sétif complex. The Cevital subsidiary exported the equivalent of 30 million euros to Europe in 2020. We talked about countries like France, Portugal, Greece and Spain. But the shipment of Brandt Algeria’s goods was also made to neighboring countries.

That is to say Morocco and Tunisia. The value of these shipments would exceed 10 million euros. Finally, it is useful to underline that the World Bank (WB) forecasts economic growth of 3.8% in 2021, in Algeria, against a decrease in 2020 induced by the coronavirus and its consequences on the economy and employment.


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