The Speedy car maintenance network is facing the crisis!

La franchise Speedy, like a large number of companies, has been impacted by the health crisis linked to Covid-19. The brand has especially suffered from the growing number of its employees affected by the virus and the financial risks that some of its centers run.

Speedy adapts to circumstances!

The health crisis had many consequences for the Speedy brand, in particular a financial risk for some of its centers and a slowdown in development of its network. However, Covid-19 has also forced economic players to evolve and modernize in order to adapt to current exceptional circumstances.

At Speedy, the services have evolved with more interventions at the battery level and the launch of vehicle disinfection.

The brand also had to accelerate electrification cars and launch the home service for individuals, whereas it was previously intended for fleets.

The brand has also focused on its digital services aiming to strengthen customer proximity, such as online appointments. Speedy has noticed that 20% of appointments were made online.

Showing an overall customer satisfaction rate of 95 %, the Speedy network now wants each of its few 567 centres achieve a grade of at least 4.5/5!

The strengths of the Speedy network

Speedy has always favored transparency and listening needs in the relationships it maintains with its partners.

Today a true group spirit unites franchisees around mutual respect for strong commitments.

The partnership methods and procedures also aim to place each franchisee at the head of a successful business, while maintaining total independence.

Choose to join Speedy and embark on a profitable adventure while being part of a network that has acquired the confidence of motorists.

With Speedy, you will also enjoy the freedom and independence of a business leader while being supported by a network with more than 40 years of experience in the business vehicle maintenance and 28 years of franchise expertise.

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