Camping-car au péage d'une autoroute

A report from the European Union recommends forcing motor homes to take the motorway. The reasons given? Security, big money and fluidity of circulation.

A report, which will soon be studied by the European Commission recommend not to do anymore circulate the camping-cars that on highway. A shame, for vehicles intended to take their time, and to enjoy the landscapes. ” Modern motorhomes are quite capable of going fast on the highway, just like everyone else“, Declares Stavros Erdeservis, European official in charge of the issue of leisure vehicles. That they are capable of it is one thing. But what reason can justify denying them access to free roads? Finances, of course.

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The economic explanation is confirmed to us by Anna Peteadzé, director of the Eurotoroute think-tank: “ On a French motorway, a motorhome less than 3 meters high pays on average 1.8 times the price of a car. Economically, it is therefore more profitable to run motorhomes on the motorway, and cars on the road. »Among the other explanations provided: safety and the fight against traffic jams.

“The highways are safer.
Motorhomes should be happy. “
Ines Cartegriz – Observaroute Institute

Economic boom for gas stations

What about motorhomes in all of this? If this report is confirmed by a directive, they will have to make all their trips on the motorway. Steps included … Suffice to say that the managers of large motorway service stations rub their hands. « Sales of old Boulevard des Hits compilations, old-fashioned sunglasses and I love Berry mugs will explode“, Already prognostic Michel Soutabagage, economist specializing in motorway trade.

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A favorite circuit

Motorhome parked between two trucks on a motorway rest areaImagine your next camping-car vacation itinerary: departure on the A26 at the entrance to Arras, 40 km further on the interchange allows you to take the A2 before taking the A1 on the half-way. Combles interchange, the A86 at La Courneuve, the A6 at Rungis, night stopover in the Mâcon-Saint-Albain service area, and in the early morning: U-turn to go home. We have seen more bucolic …

Published on April 1, 2018, this article is the April Fools’ Day from the World of Motorhomes. Read our previous hoaxes:

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