The Mini Electric safety car is revealed in photos and video: all the info

The Mini Pacesetter therefore officially becomes a Formula E safety car, with photos. A car created from the new Mini Cooper SE, as part ofa collaboration between Mini Design, BMW Motorsport, the FIA ​​and Formula E.

Modern and vintage

Externally, the Mini Pacesetter is clearly aggressive, carried out with the support of the Motorsport department of the German manufacturer. Olivier Heilmer, Design Manager of Mini, confirms: “Here function dictates form and many design elements were shaped by technical considerations. For example, we worked working closely with our colleagues at BMW Motorsport to develop the shape of the front and rear wheel arches and aprons, and the optimization program for them included weight reduction measures. “

But Mini does not forget the references to its rich past., with a front face reminiscent of the classic Mini, such as the circular headlights and the hexagonal grille, while the wheel arches adapted to the width of the car track, or the side skirts and the deep front apron, are the benchmarks. to the muscular John Cooper Works version. Of course, safety car requires, a light rail of additional lights also integrates the roof of the city car.

The track, and more?

A “mat silver” livery, mixed with a gradient from orange to red, and a cabin stripped as possible where only in a way the front seats remain. Result, a steering wheel with carbon fiber shock absorber, a digital dashboard, a welded roll cage, lots of carbon fiber to save weight, and that’s about it. What can we hope to see such a model off the track in the future? : “This extreme version of the Electric Mini was developed as a Formula E safety car, it is therefore clearly not intended for use on public roads. But it does reveal one of the directions we could take with the electrification of the JCW brand. For me, the message is clear: electrification and John Cooper Works are a good solution. »Said Bernd Körber, director of Mini.

The electric Mini Pacesetter has an empty weight of approximately 1230 kg, which is 130 kg less than the standard Mini Cooper SE. In terms of performance and power, it delivers 135 kW and 280 Nm of torque, enough to overcome 0 to 100 km in 6.7 seconds. The Mini Electric Pacesetter will make its first appearance in Rome on April 10 during the second round (Race 3) of the 2021 Formula E season. Bruno Correia, official driver of the FIA ​​Formula E Safety Car, will take the wheel.


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