La Jeep Compass se refait une beauté - 24424

According to Jeep, this is a brand new model, but from the outside it looks more like a mid-career facelift. The change can be seen on the front panel and the optics which have been redesigned. On the other hand, inside, the work tends more towards a real renovation. No more counters, make way for screens. The instrument cluster is now fully digital and measures 10.25 inches. Rather than incorporated into the dashboard, the central screen is now located above the latter, whose design is much more refined. Depending on the option level, the diagonal of this screen varies between 8.4 and 10 inches.

Technological upgrade

Updates aren’t just cosmetic. The driving aids take a leap forward and allow the Compass to enjoy level 2 autonomous driving. In short, it is able to stay in the middle of its lane on the highway following the car in front of it. Apart from keeping their hands on the wheel, the driver doesn’t have to worry about much. The Compass now also reads traffic signs to adapt the speed of its cruise control.


Under the hood, the Compass offers various possibilities. First, a 1.3 petrol 130 or 150 hp whose CO2 emissions have fallen by 27% compared to the previous generation. Then, a single diesel engine also developing 130 hp. All these engines are only available in traction. To take advantage of 4-wheel drive, you will have to go for plug-in hybrid versions of 190 or 240 hp.

From single to double

5 trim levels are available: Sport, Longitude, Limited, S and Trailhawk. Prices start in Belgium at € 28,490 for the smallest petrol engine in the Sport version… and peak at € 44,590 for the top-of-the-range version equipped with a plug-in hybrid engine.

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