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DS Automobiles remains discreet about the design of its future DS 4, but we know that the manufacturer is focusing on four main axes, with a typical DS light signature and the latest electrification technologies accompanied by state-of-the-art connectivity as well as top-of-the-range comfort. Beautiful promises which for the moment remain very theoretical, even if a few details have been unveiled to whet our appetites. The DS 4 will therefore be based on the EMP2 modular platform adapted to a “silhouette of unprecedented proportions” we are told.

This technical base will also allow the adoption of a new generation plug-in hybrid powertrain, which will allow a range of more than 50 kilometers in full electric. The powertrain will be based on that of the 3008 Hybrid with a 180 hp turbo four-cylinder engine is mated to a 110 hp electric motor integrated into the EAT8 gearbox, for 225 hp in total. The battery capacity should be increasing.

Technological and connected

Credit Photo – DS Automobile

The new DS 4 will be a concentrate of technologies, at the service of comfort and safety. These various systems will notably include a unique head-up display (DS Extended Head Up Display) guaranteeing an “avant-garde visual experience”. The information useful to the driver will be displayed on a 21-inch surface in the windshield, and projected at a sufficient distance to keep your eyes open further on the road. A new infotainment system called DS Iris System will also be launched on the new DS 4, designed like the very latest smartphones, while motion recognition will be introduced in addition to optimal responsiveness for the central screen (DS Smart Touch), no doubt to make the driver’s experience even more immersive.

Finally, the driving experience will be taken to a higher level thanks to the DS Drive Assist 2.0 which offers level 2 semi-autonomous driving (maximum level on our roads for the moment) enriched by semi-automatic overtaking, advanced reading panels and speed adaptation in curves. The intelligent piloted suspensions of the DS 4 will be able to predict irregularities in the road thanks to a camera placed at the front (DS Active Scan Suspension) which will act directly on the damping to increase comfort on board. The DS 4, which is clearly aimed at the premium category, will be presented in a final version with all these technological developments from next year.


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