The F1 cars will gain 5 seconds in Albert Park!

Changes to the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne will allow F1 cars to gain five seconds per lap!

The promoter of the Australian Grand Prix decided to take the opportunity offered by the postponement of his event to radically modify the track of Melbourne’s Albert Park in various places in the hope of increasing overtaking there.

The right-left sequence of turns 9-10 will first of all be modified in order to open up the trajectory, which will make it possible to increase the speed of passage at this point of the circuit and to add a new zone of DRS. These two bends will no longer form a chicane but a single curve which will now be taken fully. This will have the effect of increasing the arrival speed of the pilots at turns 12 and 13.

Curve n ° 13 will also be modified, with a wider entry and more slope, in order to facilitate overtaking at this point on the circuit. Turn 6 will be widened by 7.5 meters, which will increase the speed of passage by 70 km / h, from 150 to 220 km / h approximately.

According to projections released today, these changes will save drivers as much as five seconds per lap on the Albert Park track when Formula 1 travels to Melbourne on the weekend of the 20s. November 21.

« Race days will be more exciting for everyone, congratulates the regional of the event, the Australian Daniel Ricciardo. This is what we all want and I think these changes are going in that direction. »

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