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The management of PostBus has been suspended following irregularities noted in the PostBus affair, La Poste reported on Monday. The director of La Poste Susanne Ruoff announced her resignation on Sunday.

The long-term restoration of relationships of trust can only be achieved with new management, explained the chairman of the board of directors of La Poste, Urs Schwaller, at a press conference.

And to add, according to a press release: “with regard to the people to whom a particular responsibility fell, who participated in the system or who did not intervene over the years despite the existence of many clues, the necessary bond of trust in pursuit of the collaboration is broken “.

The ad interim management of PostBus will be ensured by Ulrich Hurni, responsible for PostMail and deputizing for the resigning Susanne Ruoff. Mr. Schwaller also announced the review of a scheduled withdrawal from the passenger transport business in France.

Urs Schwaller was stunned by these actions, which nothing can justify. This is an unacceptable breach of trust for a company that is 100% Confederation-owned. The latter as well as the cantons, taxpayers and business partners were misled.

Over 78 million

The Carpostal scandal was revealed to the public last February. As part of a review, the Federal Office of Transport discovered that the subsidiary of La Poste had made profits in a subsidized area. It uncovered illegal transfers of costs and revenues from compensated regional transport to other sectors between 2007 and 2015.

PostBus collected over 78 million francs in excess compensation from the cantons and the Confederation during these years. Some sources still cite 30 million for 2016 and 2017. The Doldrums was discovered through careful examination of thousands of accounting entries. According to the OFT, there was no personal enrichment.

In addition to the internal report ordered by La Poste and made public on Monday, Fedpol opened administrative criminal proceedings on March 2. The Federal Audit Office is also interested in the business. DETEC has also set up a “task force” which is to assess whether it is necessary to act at Confederation level as owner. The Federal Council announced on Monday that it was only granting a limited discharge to the board of directors of La Poste.


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