The electronic motorcycle airbag, already essential?

Can you tell us about the history of In & motion?

In & motion is founded by three engineers: Rémi Thomas, Valentin Honoré and Pierre-François Tissot. It all started in 2012 with Valentin looking to develop a protection tool for professional Skicrossers. This extreme discipline requires effective, light and ergonomic protection for use suitable for high-level professional athletes. From 2015, the In & motion airbag is used in the World Cup skicross. It was then a new challenge that we launched in collaboration with Ixon: to equip MotoGP riders with our airbags. With our experience in ski cross, we had the method and the technology. After numerous tests and collaboration with riders, such as Bradley Smith from the Tech3 team, In & motion formalized its airbag for MotoGP riders in 2016. Today, we are equipping a quarter of riders in MotoGP, including Johann Zarco! Naturally, we have used this experience and know-how to create a product for all riders. Between 2016 and 2017, to develop our first airbag system for motorcyclists, we launched the AirbagRevolution: We selected 500 motorcyclists out of 10,000 European volunteers to test our vests. Over the course of a year, we have gained experience feedback over more than two million km. In terms of protection on falls, the feedback was excellent, but our intuition was good since we made 28 changes to the aspect of comfort and daily use. Still in partnership with Ixon, in October 2018 we launched the first autonomous airbag system, integrated into a vest that is worn under the jacket, and rechargeable by the user. Today, we are present throughout Europe and the US with a team of 50 people based in Annecy.

In & motion is an airbag specialist for motorcyclists. Can you explain to us what your innovation consists of?

We must start from a simple observation: on a motorcycle, there is no bodywork! A biker therefore needs a body that will deploy only when needed. This is called active security. In & motion has developed an electronic triggering system based on intelligence embedded in a box, the In & box. In this box, sensors will analyze the motorcyclist’s movements 1000 times per second. They are compared in real time to the parameters that we have identified as those of a fall. This is the detection phase. We then move on to the protection phase which consists of inflating the airbag as quickly as possible to protect the rider’s vital areas as effectively as possible. The last brick of the In & motion system is improvement. All the data generated by our users goes back to the servers and feeds the artificial intelligence that will compile them to optimize the fall detection parameters. Today, our technology is based on 32 million km traveled in various situations. It is the great strength of In & motion that allows a rider to benefit from the experience of our entire user community, the In & members. Our system is constantly improving, constantly enriched by data. The concept of ergonomics is at the heart of our active safety solution. Our system is the lightest on the market with a weight ranging from 1.4 to 1.8 kg… It is pre-installed in the motorcycle clothing of our partner brands. The interest is to be able to offer our airbag to all bikers through equipment that will adapt to everyone’s tastes.

The airbag cushion was designed with one of the largest French accidentology laboratories. We noticed that during serious accidents, the most affected areas are the head and thorax. The head is protected by the helmet, and now In & motion protects the thorax, abdomen, neck and the entire spine. The In & motion airbag inflates, detection included, in 60 milliseconds. It inflates in five times less than a blink of an eye. Finally, we have added three driving modes: road, track and path. The system will automatically adapt its detection parameters according to the mode used. The change is done instantly with the In & motion app. On March 17th, we added the Adventure mode that we developed in collaboration with Dakar pilots.

A simple and straightforward question, but why use an In & motion airbag?

2% of road users are bikers. They represent 20% of fatalities and 35% of serious injuries. Our airbag adds substantial protection without disturbing the movement of bikers. There is no equivalent in active protection for motorcyclists. Our airbag saves lives, but also protects against serious injuries. We are proud to be the only electronic airbag to achieve five out of five stars in the SRA ranking, the equivalent of Euro NCAP for motorcycles. We talk about safety, but we know that the biker values ​​his style. Our airbag is integrated with equipment designed by the biggest brands in the sector. It has no downside. Our airbag adapts to all paths, all practices and it can even be reused after a fall by changing the cartridge. Everyone’s experience becomes everyone’s experience with our AI. In fact, the question would rather be why not wear an In & motion airbag?

Can you tell us about the emergency call option?

Our latest innovation adds an extra level of safety after a fall. As soon as the airbag inflates, a call is automatically made to the switchboard of our partner Liberty Rider who will automatically receive the GPS coordinates of the place where the airbag is triggered. The platform will call back the victim of a fall for 120 seconds. Two buttons will appear on the smartphone. The first allows you to cancel the alert and the other to confirm. If the rider does not respond within 120 seconds or if he has confirmed the alert, the emergency services will be immediately notified. This option is essential in our eyes. The case of bikers off the road and invisible to other users will be a bad memory with our emergency call system included in the In & motion subscription and available in 10 European countries.

What is the price of your airbag and where can I find the In & motion airbag?

We wanted to make a product for all bikers. The clothes that incorporate our technology are sold around 350 to 500 euros depending on the type and brand. To take advantage of In & motion services, you must activate the In & box either by purchasing it (€ 399) or by renting it for 12 euros per month (or 120 € per year). While updates to the detection mode are available to everyone, the subscription allows you to take advantage of additional services such as Emergency Call by Liberty Rider or even a material warranty. It is without engagement. We are talking about subscription, but it would rather be a membership to a club with advantages and gifts for In & members. It should also be noted that we are in partnership with three insurers, Macif, April and Mutuelle des Motards, which include the subscription to motorcycle insurance.

Our system equips 17 different garments designed by five brands of motorcycle equipment. We find Ixon, Furygan, RST, Held and Klim. The rider can therefore equip himself with our airbag while keeping his style.


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