Aude Fauchie, marketing director of Diac, decrypts for Auto Infos the launch of the Renault Pass 2.0 and Dacia Flex offers which allow private customers to change their vehicle free of charge and in complete freedom from the 6th month of the contract.

Aude Fauchie, Marketing Director of the DIAC.

If the Renault group is going through severe turbulence, DIAC and RCI Bank and Services remain solid values. RCI Bank and Services thus generated a pre-tax profit of more than 1 billion euros in 2020. Always in fiscal year 2020, 47.5% of registrations were financed by the captive, up 3.4 points compared to 2019. The entity also improved its average number of services sold per vehicle (1.8). DIAC is supporting the restructuring of the Renault group with the establishment of dedicated contacts for each brand, says Aude Fauchie. She also mentions the launch of the Renault Pass 2.0 and Dacia Flex offers, whose volumes will be contained, but which meets the new demands of some of the customers.

AI: You launched the first generation of the Renault Pass offer in 2019: what interim assessment can you make?
OF : It was a question of responding to proven customer expectations, all our surveys attesting to an increasingly strong demand for flexibility. The Renault Pass rental offer allowed the customer to change models every 24 months, without the slightest penalty, in the event of renewal in the brand. We have registered 3000 Renault Pass files, a figure that must also be put into perspective with the confinements that have had an impact on our activity. This allowed us to validate with the network the economic viability of the offer. And to consider going further, which we are doing with Renault Pass 2.0 and its Dacia Flex version.

“Within the Renault group, the average age of the buyer of a VN is 58 years”

Knowing that the average age of the buyer of VN is high and that they are traditional customers, can these offers characterized by great flexibility allow you to reach a younger clientele?
Within the Renault Group, the average age of the purchaser of a new vehicle is 58 years. But with the Easy Pack financing offer, we are already turning 51 years old. So with Renault Pass 2.0 and Dacia Flex, we can consider going below the symbolic threshold of 50 years and dragging the cursor to around 45 years.

When we know the average holding period of a car in private homes, does the possibility of withdrawing from the offer after 6 months really meet a demand?
It is a request for a new type of customers, not the greatest number, ready to pay a little more in order to benefit from greater freedom. The monthly payments for Renault Pass 2.0 offers are 15% higher on average compared to the monthly payments for Easy Pack.,. But as I said, our surveys show a demand for increased flexibility, especially among younger customers, with higher means. For our brands, it is a tool of conquest, which allows us to call out to people who do not come spontaneously to us.

Within the framework of these offers, who ensures the take-back commitment?
We remain on a traditional takeover scheme, driven by the network. And I repeat that we have verified that it is economically viable for us as for the partners of the network.

“Hybrid vehicles are affected by these offers”

Why did you organize the offer around five models, Twingo, Clio and Captur for Renault and Duster and Lodgy for Dacia?
We wanted to focus the offers on large volumes within the network. Moreover, Arkana will also be able to benefit from the Renault Pass 2.0 offer and in the long term, we are not excluding the Sandero for Dacia Flex. It is important to note that hybrid versions of the models are eligible. This is not the case for plug-in hybrids and 100% electric vehicles, because there is the bonus variable in the equation and the State stipulates that you must keep your vehicle at least 24 months to benefit from it.

What are the notable services of the maintenance contract associated with the offers?
This contract covers current overhaul services, excluding tires. For one euro more, it is included in the rent on the Renault brand.

In this regard, can you give us some examples of rent?
As I indicated, the rents of Renault Pass 2.0 and are positioned 15% more expensive than the Easy Pack offers. Customers can have access to a Clio Zen E-Tech 140 for 269 euros per month without contribution. Or a Captur Intens TCE 140 EDC for 369 euros per month. At Dacia, a Duster Prestige TCE 130 costs 279 euros per month.

“80% renewal in the brand at the end of the contract”

Do you plan specific communication to let people know that these offers exist while harmonizing them with others, in particular Dacia’s daily offers?
Currently we are in the deployment phase in the network, with the training of salespeople. At the national level, let us specify it. We are therefore working on the communication which will then take place, in order to find the right links with the Dacia offers expressed in euros per day and Renault’s Easy Pack solutions. Knowing that these offers generate very high levels of satisfaction among our customers, with a high retention rate, around 80% renewal in the brand at the end of the contract.

At the time of Renault shop and Dacia shop, what is your roadmap for the digitalization of customer relations?
Since November 2020, an online used vehicle purchase route has been offered via RRG Sofa, Carizy and certain dealers. With Renault shop and Dacia shop, we are applying this strategy to VN. But the network remains essential to us, including in online sales, which generates important interactions with the customer. In addition, borrower insurance is available online and we are currently working on maintenance projects.


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