the debate is launched in Wallonia!

Retrofitting is converting your old thermal car into an electric model. If this practice is encouraged in France and in Germany in particular, it is not yet with us. But it may be soon: a proposal for a decree has been tabled in Wallonia in order to promote things.

The retrofit, this technique which consists in replacing all the components inherent in the heat engine by an electric technology. So far, the practice exists in many countries, but it does not have an official framework in Belgium. The regions are responsible for this matter. Hence the idea of ​​a handful of Walloon parliamentarians (cdH) to put the matter on the table. Concretely, this involves providing a framework for practice via the integration of a new article in the law of June 21, 1985 relating to the technical conditions to which all land transport vehicles must meet.

Less expensive

If it passes, this decree would make it easier to approve cars retrofitted and at the same time, considerably reduce the costs of putting the vehicle on the road and securing it after its transformation. For CDH deputy Julien Matagne, “there are many technical and legal constraints, but the Minister is receptive and the subject sufficiently fascinating to study the commercial and environmental possibilities offered by Wallonia in this regard”.

In Flanders and in Brussels too?

If the file advances in Wallonie, we obviously wonder what it will be for Brussels. In short, the debate is not over, but it would probably be a shame to miss out on such an opportunity.

In Flanders, however, there was a breakthrough. From now on, it is possible to equip a classic car with an electric motor, but only if certain conditions are met:

If the internal combustion engine has been replaced by one or more electric motors, the vehicle must be in possession of a) a valid and complete report which clearly indicates the complete conversion and confirms that the vehicle is roadworthy and b) a valid and complete test report in accordance with UNECE Regulation No 100. Both reports are prepared by an authorized technical service notified to the European Commission and they mention the vehicle chassis number.

And in France ?

In France, where the retrophite has been official for a year, it is estimated that this activity would generate over the period 2020-2025 a turnover of more than € 1 billion for 65,000 vehicles transformed with 5,500 direct and indirect jobs. Local jobs that cannot be relocated. Or when passion, ecology and economy come together. To meditate !

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