The corporate market held up better than the overall NV market in 2020

Under the effect of the health crisis and lockdowns, having disrupted the production flows of manufacturers and the commercial activities of points of sale, the company vehicle market is experiencing a decline of 16.5% in 2020. The segment has however, withstood the shock better than the overall passenger car + LCV market which lands at -23.8% in France in 2020.

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At the end of a black year, marked by a double crisis, health and economic, the data compiled by theArval Mobility Observatory point out that there has been no miracle for the company vehicle market in France. However, the segment, which is intrinsically more prone to more planned renewal cycles, resisted better than the overall market, which was more impacted by consumer confidence and the purchasing power index. For the experts of the Arval Mobility Observatory, five salient points deserve to be highlighted.

1 / Almost 150,000 units less

149 376 : like the number of registrations (PC + LCV) which will have failed in 2020 to do as well as the market in 2019. With 253 working days (against 251 in 2019), the number of registrations carried out by companies, administrations and long-term rental companies reached 755,223 PC + LCV, down -16.51%. This is 7.3 points better than the French automotive market as a whole, which is down 23.81%.

2 / The electrification is on

13,52 % : it is the corporate market share of electrified vehicles in 2020 (PV + LCV 100% electric and hybrid, for a total of 102,164 units).
In the electrified family, plug-in hybrids are leading the way. More plug-in hybrids (32,490 VP + LCV) were registered last year than 100% electric ones (29,782 units). The craze for models plug-in hybrids is illustrated by the explosion in demand over twelve months (+ 276 %), while the models 100% electric show a progression of + 42,94 %, admittedly in double digits. “To anchor their expansion over time, however, these engines will have to continue to benefit from public incentives to purchase or lease, otherwise their interest will drop.”, say the experts at the Arval Mobility Observatory, unsurprisingly.

3 / The share of petrol engines fell in 2020

– 31,08 % : such as the drop in passenger car + LCV gasoline registrations in 2020 in the business segment. Gasoline is the big loser of this exercise so particular, since this engine will have lost in the space of twelve months nearly 4 points of market share. She finishes the exercise at 18.54% share market, after having experienced a historic peak of 22.45% in the last quarter of 2019. Over one year, the world of business, administration and long-term rental registered 139,985 VP + LCV gasoline (i.e. 63,073 units less than in 2019).

4 / The diesel bends but does not break yet

227 400 : this is the number of PV diesel registered in 2020 on the corporate market. The decline reached – 26.12%, for a market share of 50.7%. Formerly “queen” motorization of company car fleets, diesel has however succeeded in limiting breakage by dropping only 3.2 points of market share on the entire market for company cars and LCVs (to 67.62%).

5 / Good resistance in the LCV segment

306 734 : this is the total number of registrations FILL in the business segment in 2020. A decline of – 14.97%, which reflects a certain resistance in this market segment since, at the same time, passenger car registrations posted a decline of -17.54% (448,489 units). “A dynamic utility market is often synonymous with economic activity that stays on course. It is perhaps a point of hope for the long-awaited economic recovery in the country ”, conclude the experts from the Arval Mobility Observatory.

Tops 5 of the year 2020

VP: top 5 best-selling brands in France in the B to B scope
1/ Peugeot
2/ Renault
3/ Citroën
4/ Volkswagen
5/ Mercedes-Benz

JPEG - 5.6 Mo.
Peugeot dislodges Renault from first place among the best-selling brands on the French fleet market. © PSA

VP: top 5 best-selling models in France in the B to B scope
1 / Renault Clio
2/ Peugeot 208
3/ Peugeot 3008
4/ Peugeot 308
5 / Citroën C3

Light vehicles: top 5 best-selling brands in France in the B to B perimeter
1/ Renault
2/ Peugeot
3/ Citroën
4/ Ford
5/ Mercedes-Benz

LCV: top 5 best-selling models in France in the B to B scope
1/ Renault Master
2 / Renault Kangoo
3 / Peugeot Partner
4 / Citroën Berlingo
5 / Renault Trafic.


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