La Suède déménage au Nord

The 2020 edition of Rally Sweden had brought to light the possibilities of a lack of snow on the route of the only winter event of the World Rally Championship.

Discussions to potentially move the race further north had thus begun, before a cancellation in 2021 in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and health restrictions, the race being replaced by the Arctic Rally Finland, where snow and ice had been of the part.

To ensure such conditions are found, the organizers of the Swedish event confirmed this Thursday that the rally would now be based around Umeå, close to the Baltic Sea, and much further north than the Warmland area where the race was previously located.

« A more certain snow-covered region further north is a basic requirement and the ability to provide historical weather data was at the heart of the decision, says Glenn Olsson, rally director.

Umeå’s strengths, in addition to a stable winter climate, include good hotel capacity, coupled with the location of the service park, the Nolia shopping area, a vibrant business community, and the potential for ‘attract many fans.

Östersund and Luleå also presented strong offers and above all a good involvement, but overall Umeå is a more attractive concept for Rally Sweden ”.

« Moving north was a necessity, given the challenges we have encountered in recent years, recalls Yves Matton, patron of FIA rallies.

I would like to salute the efforts of the organizers of Rally Sweden in coming up with alternatives and securing this promising new base from Umeå for next year’s race. This is an opportunity to guarantee the good winter conditions that we all dream of for a rally on snow. “

Rally Sweden remains engaged with the WRC until 2022, but the championship management is confident of extending the adventure with the event.


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