This one decided Tuesday afternoon to stop for the next three days (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) its assembly line of the 308, indicated the spokesperson of the site.

This line was already stopped Monday and Tuesday, so that no 308 will leave the workshops of Sochaux during the whole week, he stressed.

From union sources, this five-day shutdown will result in a loss of production of 2,000 vehicles.

The stop is due to the global shortage of semiconductors affecting the automotive industry, which deprives the Sochaux plant of “digital panels” to power the dashboard of the 308, exposed the spokesperson.

These parts are specific to this model, which explains the particular impact of the shortage on its production, higher than that recorded on the other vehicles on the site (Peugeot 3008 and 5008, Opel Grandland X), added the management representative. .

Stellantis Sochaux has already had to give up manufacturing more than 4,000 vehicles since the start of the year because of semiconductor supply disruptions, before this new episode.

The accumulation of cancellations of work sessions on the 308 line risks having salary consequences. The hourly modulation system inherited from PSA guarantees the maintenance of full remuneration up to a deficit of 84 hours not worked, “however some employees will now exceed this quota“, has reported Eric Peultier, manager of the FO union of the site.

According to this union official, “Sochaux employees bear the brunt of the policy of deindustrialization and relocation to low-cost countries“.


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