Start it @ Kbc start-ups perform in sales

6 start-ups have reinvented themselves so as not to suffer the crisis. Result: a turnover of 3,625,000 euros in 2020.

Lode Uytterschaut, CEO of Start it @KBC is proud of his start-ups. Together, Crimibox, Ray & Jules, Zapfloor, DESelect, Give a Day and Freya Products achieved a turnover of 3,625,000 euros in 2020 thanks to the sale of their services. These six companies have thus managed to maintain or increase their sales, despite the Covid-19.

“We want to take our hat off to young shoots who have continued their development despite the crisis, who have revised their economic model and who have shown resilience. They are real sources of inspiration for the business world”, according to the boss of the acceleration program for start-ups.

These 6 start-ups, 3 French-speaking and 3 Dutch-speaking, have successfully weathered the crisis, sometimes at the cost of a change in economic model. The start-up Ray & Jules has thus moved from B2B to B2C. Zapfloor has switched from a coworking model to more corporate clients. Freya Products has significantly automated its sales. Crimibox, DESelect and Give a Day took advantage of this year to refine and broaden their digital marketing strategy. All are in the green as the end of the tunnel approaches, a good performance.

It must be said that sales are an essential element within the program. “All start-ups in the Start it @KBC acceleration program must follow in-depth business training,” confirms Lode Uytterschaut. Start-it @kbc will welcome its new class of start-ups next spring.


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