La plateforme de réservation de billets de bus répertorie les offres de tous les autocaristes, avec lesquels Sobus a signé des accords permettant de vendre leurs billets, moyennant une commission de 5 à 10%.

In all discretion, Sobus has just celebrated its first candle. However, the young shoot deserves to be known. This startup, launched in May 2016, wants to be “the Trainline (comparator of train tickets in Europe which bought the French Captain Train, editor’s note) of the bus “, explains to The gallery one of its two directors Matthieu Marquenet. At first glance, the term “bus” can be confusing. But it is indeed, for this ticket comparator, to sell the tickets of the “Macron cars”.

While both founders chose to use the word “bus”, “it is to avoid abuse of language“, explains Matthieu Marquenet. And for good reason, the word” car “is found in transport offers involving the car, such as the Blablacar carpooling service or even the rental of vehicles between individuals Ouicar, a subsidiary of the SNCF. , since in English “car” means “car” … On the other hand, the word “bus” is found in the names of various coach operators such as Ouibus, or even Flixbus. It therefore seemed quite logical and more appropriate to to be baptized “Sobus”, which also has the merit of being easy to remember, he smiles.

A need, an app

The idea started from a need. “We are the only ones to have a website dedicated to the sale of bus tickets in Europe“, analyzes Matthieu Marquenet.”We free ourselves from the brand. You can choose a one-way trip by Ouibus and a return trip to Isilines (the subsidiary of Transdev, editor’s note)“Says the leader of the bus ticket reservation platform which indeed lists the offers of all market players. And has signed agreements allowing him to sell their tickets, for a commission of 5 to 10%.

In addition, like Trainline, Sobus has chosen not to place advertising on its site. The objective is to simplify the customer experience as much as possible, who “in three clicks, reserve and receive their ticket “. The multi-operator platform, which also sells cheap train and carpooling – more for comparison, “to reassure the customer“, slips Matthieu Marquenet – also intends to offer bus routes with stopovers. And to make it even easier for customers to travel, small fun videos should soon be posted online to show the route to follow when exiting the metro to find the station road.

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In July, the startup, for the moment financed with own funds, will integrate the premises of Station F, Xavier Niel’s giant incubator, which will host a total of 1,000 young shoots. Sobus hopes for good synergies and above all better visibility. With the objective of raising 500,000 euros at the start of the school year.


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