short-term rental companies are stepping up to the plate

Vehicle rental companies are stepping up to be better integrated into public mobility policies. While the Climate and Resilience bill is currently being examined in the National Assembly, they are intended to be a source of proposals to support the modal shift but also to accelerate the adoption of electromobility. In particular, the LCD sector estimates that it has the capacity to deploy more than 2,500 charging stations on its own.

In this context, short-term rental companies have made several proposals to the knowledge of the deputies. They thus propose:

  • introduce electric rental into the Sustainable Mobility Package (FMD), that companies can finance for their employees, in the same way as car sharing or even the use of bicycles.
  • integrate short-term rental into dedicated tracks, following the example of carpooling players, but also development of relay car parks in mobility plans.

These proposals come at a time when the health crisis has had a significant impact on activity and employment in this sector., with a reservation rate dropping by -95% during the peak of the crisis *. Today, rental companies are still experiencing a worrying drop in activity with a rate of -49% and the situation remains very delicate. The CNAP’s Shared Mobility business line insists on the fact that ” it is important to support these key economic players in shared mobility, which are part of a responsible approach to ecological transition, and which greatly contribute to the influence of the national tourism industry, welcoming nearly 15 million customers for a contribution to the national wealth of the order of 3.5 billion euros per year. Car rental players alone represent an average annual fleet of 300,000 cars and utility vehicles. ».

Major lever for accelerating electromobility in France

The rental companies also recall that they participate very actively in the greening of the French vehicle fleet by transformation of their fleets, by investing in electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. They thus register as prescribers in terms of access and promotion of the electric vehicle. : « vehicle rental allows consumers to test electric vehicles, and thus develop their attractiveness to users », Underlines the CNPA.

And to accelerate the trend, they suggest that the public authorities work on a device to support the demand for short-term electric rental, which could take the form of a targeted check. In parallel, rental companies plead for maintaining the bonus at € 5,000 for companies in the second half of 2021, while this should increase to € 4,000 from the 1is next july. Finally, the sector says it is mobilized to accelerate the deployment of charging stations, providing the installation of 2,500 electrical terminals in the region. “The regional network of rental agencies, as well as the expertise of professionals, represent an essential asset to allow maximum coverage”, underline these representatives.


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