Semiconductor shortage puts 308 line on hold this week

And one more chain stop for the Sochaux car manufacturer’s plant in the Doubs region. Parts are missing. And the scenario has been repeating itself for weeks.

No cars 308. No production. The decision was announced Tuesday March 30 for the days of March 31, April 1 and 2. Or 3 days.
The production line of the 308 is affected. It had already stopped Monday and Tuesday, 2,000 cars will not come off the chains this week, according to a union source.

Chains at a standstill for a small missing part

The reason for the shutdown is the global semiconductor shortage. In Sochaux, there is a lack of “digital panels” for supplying the 308 dashboard, explains the spokesperson for the site.
These parts are specific to this model, which explains the particular impact of the shortage on its production, higher than that recorded on the other vehicles on the site (Peugeot 3008 and 5008, Opel Grandland X), added the management representative. .

4,000 cars not produced since the start of the year in Sochaux

Stellantis Sochaux has already had to give up manufacturing more than 4,000 vehicles since the start of the year because of semiconductor supply disruptions, before this new episode. The Sochaux plant), ex-PSA had already had to completely shut down its production lines the night of March 28 to 29, and March 29 all day.

The accumulation of cancellations of work sessions on the 308 line risks having salary consequences. The hourly modulation system inherited from PSA guarantees full maintenance of remuneration up to a deficit of 84 hours not worked, “but some employees will now exceed this quota”, noted Eric Peultier, manager of the FO union of the site. According to this union official, “Sochaux employees bear the brunt of the policy of deindustrialization and relocation to low-cost countries”.

The “brain” of the automobile out of stock, a global shortage

It is THE essential part in a car: the chip or the electronic component that operates the vehicle, manages the dashboard, air conditioning, GPS, bluetooth… And that “brain” of the car that is missing . Indeed, according to the FO Sochaux metals union, 70% of these semiconductors are manufactured by TSMC, a Taiwanese company.

When, at the start of the Covid-19 crisis, the automobile industry experienced a downturn, TSMC found other markets, which were booming precisely because of the epidemic: phones, game consoles and computers. In addition, these products are much better paid.

Semiconductor manufacturers, mainly located in Asia, are struggling today to meet global demand from the automotive sector where production has resumed and demand is strong. Even in the United States, General Motors had to shut down factories for several days.

The FIEV, the federation of French automotive equipment manufacturers which brings together 300 companies, is alarmed “by the consequences of the shortage of semiconductors, which, combined with other pressures on the prices of certain components and raw materials, weaken the whole of the productive apparatus “.


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