Romain Dumas : « Un travail d'une vraie complexité »

What can we expect at Le Mans with this 007 LMH?

Obviously, when you come out of an LM P1 like the Porsche 919 which was running at 3’21 ” in the race, the comparison is impossible. Besides, the Hypercar is not made for that. Now, at what level can we imagine these cars in relation to the regulations? It’s hard to say. Yes, it will go less quickly. Now, I am unable to say whether we are wrong, right, a lot right, or a lot wrong. Let us not forget either that the tanks are very large in capacity: more than 100 liters, almost twice as much as in LM P1. The performance gap when the tank is full or empty will be enormous. All of this put together, it’s really complicated to predict the times.

What is your role in this kind of private testing?

I do a lot of “debugging”. We did this in Vallelunga and then in Monza. On Monday morning, I took care of the traction control, but not only. When I drive past everyone at the end of the program, I can see the difference in the handling of the car. In Monza, the sensations were quite surprising, it was pleasant to drive.

Is there a hierarchy between the six drivers of the team?

Everyone’s experience is helpful. This allows the team to know more quickly whether the direction taken is the right one or not. I try to guide the team. In the end, we ride to try to understand the chassis and the aero as well as to improve the set-up. This morning (Monday March 15. Editor’s note), we carried out aerosol measurements. However, we are only at the fifth day of testing. We are always trying to learn.

Find the entire interview with Romain Dumas in AUTOhebdo n ° 2304 available in digital version.


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