La FFSA communique après les annonces gouvernementales

If only part of France was until this Saturday affected by travel restrictions, it is now all of France which must comply with the measures decreed Wednesday evening by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron and the government of Prime Minister Jean Casteix.

Motorsport therefore remains strongly impacted by these decisions, with regional and national rallies still not being able to proceed normally, a potential first return to normal not being expected for at best a month.

On the circuit side, the Nogaro Easter Cups can be held on their usual date, via a strict health protocol and behind closed doors, as required by the FFSA and government authorities. The national federation wished to remind the practitioners of its commitment to try to preserve as well as possible the possibilities of practicing sport.

“The extension of the restrictions currently in force in 19 departments to the entire metropolitan territory announced by the President of the Republic in his speech of March 31, 2021, aims to curb the Covid-19 pandemic,” indicates the press release.

In this context, the French Motorcycling Federation (FFM) and the French Motor Sport Federation (FFSA) jointly approached the ministries in charge of Sports, that of the Interior as well as the services of the Prime Minister in order to support the collaborative work, carried out over the past year, which has allowed optimal consideration of the specificities linked to the practice of mechanical sports.

Whether they are practiced on the road or on the circuit, at any level, it is recognized that mechanical sports contribute to the influence, dynamism and animation of our territories.

Perfectly aware of the impact of government measures on the activities of motor sports, the FFM and the FFSA, through their Presidents Sébastien Poirier and Nicolas Deschaux, had the opportunity to draw the attention of the Minister Delegate in charge of Sports.

The Government and the Interministerial Crisis Unit must specify in the coming hours the new scope of the measures announced that the FFSA will communicate upon publication by the Ministry in charge of Sports.

In addition, and always guided by the spirit of defending the interests of all players in the motor sports sector, the two federations have initiated and structured a “task force” bringing together the circuit promoters in order to raise the concerns of the organizers. with the Interministerial Delegation for Major Sporting Events (DIGES). The latter will organize a meeting dedicated to motorsports in the coming days.

The elected members of the FFSA Steering Committee as well as the headquarters staff are more than ever committed to defending federal activities. “


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