Porsche Holding stabilized its Retail turnover in 2020 thanks to its acquisitions and the rebound in China

Edition of 31/03/2021

Monitoring of new and used vehicle registrations according to your business needs

Autoways Studio is a digital business intelligence platform allowing real-time monitoring of the automotive market according to brands, models, departments, types of vehicles, energies, sales channels, financing methods, etc.


Kia takes electric milestone with new EV6 model

The EV6 inaugurates Kia’s new electric platform and foreshadows 6 other electric models that will arrive within 5 years.


BMW will supply lithium to Livent from 2022

The BMW group, which already sources lithium from the Chinese Ganfeng, has just signed another multi-year contract with the American company Livent for an amount of around 285 million euros.


Nissan announces changes in Central Europe management

As of April 1, 2021, the management of Nissan’s Central Europe region will be reorganized with the appointment of Frank Niewöhner as head of marketing, Vincent Ricoux will take on the role of sales and Pascal Michaeli is appointed director of network development and customer quality.


The Mary group now owns 100% of the Tuppin group

There is no more Tuppin-Mary group. Following the takeover by the Mary group of the 49% that David Tuppin still held in the Tuppin-Mary group, the subsidiary is now fully integrated into the Mary group.


Étienne Martin-Commandeur takes control of the Rennes-La Janais plant from Stellantis

As of April 15, 2021, Étienne Martin-Commandeur will succeed Stéphane Gelas at the head of the Rennes-La Janais production site of the Stellantis group.


To mark its turn towards electric, Volkswagen becomes “Voltswagen” in the United States

(AFP) – Symbolize the change by swapping a K for a T. The venerable German manufacturer Volkswagen, which relies heavily on electric cars, plans to transform its name in the United States into “Voltswagen”, in reference to the unit of electric tension.


BP invests in electric vehicle charging alongside BMW and Daimler

(AFP) – British oil giant BP becomes the third-largest investor alongside German automakers BMW and Daimler in a joint venture specializing in charging electric vehicles in Europe, a statement said Tuesday.


Volvo Cars to offer six-month parental leave to all employees

(AFP) – Swedish automaker Volvo Cars will offer six-month parental leave with 80% compensation to its 40,000 employees around the world, he announced on Tuesday, in particular to promote gender equality .


Chinese Xiaomi to invest $ 10 billion in electric cars

(AFP) – Smartphone and electronics maker Xiaomi became the latest Chinese company to launch electric vehicles on Tuesday, announcing a $ 10 billion investment over 10 years.

Around the car

Stellantis: the shortage of semiconductors blocks the production of 308s in Sochaux

(AFP) – The Stellantis plant (ex-PSA) in Sochaux (Doubs) has shut down production of its Peugeot 308s until the end of the week due to the global shortage of semiconductors, has – we learned Tuesday from its management.


Mercedes announces the arrival in its showrooms of three models in the second quarter

During this second quarter, Mercedes will launch a brand new electric model, the small SUV EQA, a plug-in hybrid powertrain on the C-Class, while the EQC will benefit from a technological upgrade.


Category Networks

The Mary group now owns 100% of the Tuppin group

There is no more Tuppin-Mary group. Following the takeover by the Mary group of the 49% that David Tuppin still held in the Tuppin-Mary group, the subsidiary is now fully integrated into the Mary group.


Fisker signs marketing agreement with CA Consumer Finance

The Ocean, Fisker’s electric SUV, can be marketed by Agilauto, the LOA offer offered by CA Consumer Finance on the Internet and in its bank branches. The UX2 agency, already a partner of Agilauto (and of the Chinese Aiways) would take care of the tests and deliveries to customers. A project that will not take shape until early 2023 with the arrival of the model in France.


Peter Thyri, Austrian lawyer: “Peugeot has continuously suffocated its network and made money in this way”

The decision of the Austrian Supreme Court which ordered Peugeot to redefine its commercial policy is raising high expectations within the European networks of the Peugeot, Citroën and DS brands, and even beyond. What is the significance of this decision in Austria and elsewhere in Europe? Responses from Peter Thyri, specialist in competition law and lawyer for the Austrian concessionaire who initiated the proceedings.


Bluecar: the contrasting second life of Bolloré cars

(AFP) – From a “cemetery” in Sologne to a Breton dealer, the old Autolib, BlueLy and BlueCub no longer circulate in Paris, Lyon or Bordeaux, but Bolloré’s electric cars continue to run and fuel the controversy .


First Stop is targeting around 20 new members this year

The First Stop network extended its network in 2020, with 33 new recruits, and aims to welcome at least 20 new ones in 2021.


The Revmat group opens a new MAN dealership in Blois

This Monday, the Revmat group is opening its sixth MAN garage in Blois. It will also inaugurate its new Le Mans concession next July and will begin work on a new site in Châteauroux in May, for a total investment envelope of 7 million euros.


Peugeot condemned in Austria for “abuse of a dominant position” on its dealers

The Austrian Supreme Court ordered Peugeot to redefine its trade policy within 3 months. In the long list of grievances of the concessionaire, the court retained a good part of them. In particular, it confirmed the first instance condemnation of the mechanics of the link between the quality of service and the NV margin, the thresholds for triggering NV premiums or even the conditions for reimbursement of guarantees.


Hervé Miralles, Emil Frey France: “Despite the crisis, we have decided not to change anything in our projects”

The pandemic did not cause the Emil Frey France group to deviate from its trajectory, Hervé Miralles, president, and Vincent Gorce, Managing Director, told us during a meeting. The deployment of the Autosphere brand within its concessions and the enhancement of the products and services offered by the Autosphere.fr website are well advanced.


Opel settles in Orange and Hyundai in Millau

Apart from the large buyouts that we have mentioned in dedicated articles, news from the networks was fairly calm in February, with the opening of an Opel site in Orange and a Hyundai site in Millau.


Keybas offers a patented 24/7 workshop management solution with a cost per car

Keybas’s offer provides automotive professionals with an automated after-sales management solution 24/7. There is an issue of optimizing the use and cost of workshop equipment by managing their life cycle. There is also an issue of improving the quality of customer service through the automation of tasks and traceability. The company has patented its solution at the INPI. This solution also makes it possible to automate the process of reconditioning used vehicles.


Auto1 integrates its used vehicle pricing and resale services to the Bee2link platform

Auto1 has connected its pricing tools and its resale-to-merchant platform with Bee2link’s IT tools to avoid re-entries and save auto professionals time.



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