Our ancestors come to life with DeepNostalgia, but at what cost?

Under the guise of nostalgia and thanks to a bluffing technology, two Israeli companies collect millions of data.

You have not been able to escape it in recent days on social networks. Old photos that come to life slightly, faces frozen in a Sepia shade that come to life; DeepNostalgia is everywhere. A name that smacks of technology and nostalgia, nothing like it. In a few days, the free tool put online was a worldwide hit. Everyone takes a photo of one of their ancestors to bring it back to life, for a few seconds online.

After the family stage, it is the works of art, in particular, that have been entitled to a little bit of youth.

Offer nostalgia to sell DNA

This technological feat, we owe it to an artificial intelligence designed by the Israeli company D-ID, specializing in “deep fakes”, those videos where one face is replaced by another. Here it is MyHeritage, another Israeli company specializing in genealogy and which sells genome analysis kits for individuals, which uses it for promotional purposes.

MyHeritage intends to use the data it is collecting around the world by the millions.

The proposed result is quite impressive. Even more so when it comes to photos or paintings of historical figures who have never been filmed and therefore seen alive. When you do the same exercise with a photo of a contemporary personality or relative, the effect seems less credible. It is not besides not recommended to offer a photo of a person who is still alive as food to companies which, for one, madeDNA a very profitable business and who, for the other, has made “deepfakes” his specialty. MyHeritage intends to use the data it is collecting around the world by the millions.

Because to bring one of your photos to life, you will need create an account and leave some data in passing, MyHeritage will complete them with your browsing data and the associated photo to create a nice profile corresponding to you and which will one day be useful to it, be sure. MyHeritage clearly doesn’t do this out of nostalgia. The current buzz of its tool allows it to restore its image in several countries where its commercial services are prohibited. Above all, this allows it to reach tens of millions of potential customers in a few days.


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