The Dijon Commercial Court (Côte d’Or) has set for April 27 the next hearing which will take a “final decision“on the future of the company, producer of engine housings and gearbox components, said Nail Yalcin, CGT delegate.

The deadline cannot exceed one month “in view of the cash “, according to the analysis of the court reported by Mr. Yalcin at the end of the hearing on Wednesday.

In receivership since the beginning of November, the foundry has only been the subject of a rescue offer to date, that of its management for a continuation plan that would preserve around 200 permanent jobs out of 250, recalled Mr. Yalcin.

If this plan is refused, liquidation is likely“, he said, stressing however that he”is always possible for a buyer to come forward“.

Prospective candidate, the American investor Hugh Aiken, owner of several foundries including that of Niederbronn-les-Bains (Bas-Rhin), confirmed to AFP on Tuesday that he had given up on submitting an offer.

The project of the management of MBF provides for the maintenance of “200 to 210 “ jobs out of a total of 280 including temporary workers, told AFP Adeline Munarolo, its general manager.

The solidity of the industrial project of this offer “questioning“among the employees, however underlined Mr. Yalcin

Two mortgages also weigh on the longevity of the plant: the predisposition of the two main customers Renault and PSA to continue working with it and the granting of financial support from the State to the tune of several million euros, jointly analyzed Ms. Munarolo and Mr. Yalcin.

The company hopes in particular to benefit from the abandonment of its tax and social debts amounting to 7 million euros, which it did not obtain last fall.

MBF Aluminum, whose origins date back to the immediate post-war period, has already experienced two bankruptcy filings in 2007 and then in 2012 before being taken over by its current shareholders, the British group CMV and an Italian entrepreneur.

Its management ensures that it has undertaken the necessary investments for its shift from thermal engines to hybrids.


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