One in three Belgian consumers plans to buy an electric car

The trend towards electric cars is strengthening and more than one in three Belgian consumers are considering buying an electric or hybrid model, according to Deloitte’s 2021 study on global automobile consumption. For nine respondents (91%) out of 10, the coronavirus crisis has no impact on the type of car they plan to acquire.

Only 15% of Belgian respondents plan to postpone the purchase of their next car. Those affected by the crisis also want to spend less money on it.

An expected price threshold before purchase

But before gasoline and diesel vehicles are completely excluded, consumers want more certainty about accessibility, range and charging infrastructure, Deloitte analyzes. The main reasons given by consumers for buying an electric car are lower fuel costs, lower emissions and a better driving experience, lists the research and consultancy firm.

Two-thirds of people who plan to buy an electric car (67%) want to buy one for less than 30,000 euros, which, according to Deloitte, indicates a price point for this technology.

Most future buyers expect to be able to charge their vehicle primarily at home (64%) or at work (16%). Only 19% plan to use public charging stations, despite persistent and widespread concerns about the availability of an adequate charging network.

The Deloitte survey was conducted among more than 24,000 consumers in 23 countries, including more than a thousand Belgians.

TV News 19/01/2020

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