the first charges for bad parking fall

The Liège traders are asking for the suspension of the activities of the Liège police scan-cars, which have been wandering for almost a year in the streets of the City in search of motorists who have improperly parked their vehicle. In La Meuse on February 8, the president of Commerce in Liège, Jean-Luc Vasseur, explains having had feedback from traders and customers who receive a fine even though they have paid with the application and that some people are also fined on their way to the parking meter: “People are now afraid to go to town,” he says.

The representative of the downtown merchants is asking for a temporary suspension of the activities of the scan-cars until the last details are settled. It should be remembered that these vehicles encountered a series of problems which had notably delayed their commissioning: problems with the mapping software, problems related to payment by sms, etc.

At the Liège police, it is confirmed that some hiccups do indeed exist, which is why these cars are still in the test phase and that they do not issue very few tickets. The findings for non-payment are also verified manually.

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