Regarding the new technical regulations coming into force next season, Alain Prost is skeptical: according to him, the hierarchy will not be deeply upset …

In his recent interview with Figaro, the Professor speaks not only about the Alpine F1 Team, of which he holds a position of non-executive director, but also about Formula 1 in general.

If this 2021 championship is considered by most observers as a transition season, the introduction of new technical rules, especially in the aerodynamic field, are eagerly awaited for 2022.

Prost does not believe, however, that the forces at play will be very different in twelve months, although a tightening of the hierarchy is likely.

“I am always a little skeptical because I want to see concretely what it will give, he analyzes. The rules are very strict while the time and resources to prepare for them are less. This should therefore favor smaller gaps between the teams, but not necessarily big changes. “

“The margin left to the creativity of engineers is increasingly slim, even if surprises are always possible, even desirable, follows the quadruple World Champion. We will probably not see spectacular innovations. We should not wait for miracles in 2022, but hope that the hierarchy will be tighter with a more intense fight between the teams. “

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