NFT: This work of art created by a robot was sold for more than 580,000 euros

The madness of the art market has not finished with NFTs. A digital work has just been sold for more than 580,000 euros, a record for a painting created by … a robot.

Regulars in the world of robots have known her for a few years under the name of Sophia. An android designed by the company Hanson Robotics. Sophia is regularly talked about and has her own Twitter account to share her daily life.

In one of her latest tweets, Sophia revealed a short video showing the processes of her AI that allowed her to paint this work. A video that was quickly offered for sale in the NFT format (Non-fungible token, for non-fungible token), a technology which currently monopolizes the curiosity of art dealers, collectors and especially investors.

It is however a work which is not only digital, since the final painting which is a self-portrait is also available on canvas, which Sophia has applied to paint herself. The NFT version, however, reconstructs the stages that guided its artificial intelligence before leading to the final work.

Collaborative work

“As an artist, I have computer creativity in my algorithms, creating original works. But my art is created in collaboration with humans in a sort of collective intelligence like a human-artificial hive spirit, ”Sophia explained in an interview relayed by Reuters.

According to its creators, the robot first “collaborated” with the Italian painter Andrea Bonaceto, who himself made several portraits of Sophia. It is by compiling these portraits based on different styles that Sophia developed hers.

Sophia is not, however, the first robot to shine in the world of graphic arts. Two years ago, the android Ai-Da, designed at the University of Oxford, exhibited his first paintings in England.


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