News Consumer Reports Survey |  The allure of the brand new could take you to the dealership often

With overhauls that are being done at an accelerated pace to ensure their competitiveness, manufacturers are fueling this idea, like high-tech companies, of wanting to own the most modern vehicle possible. That said, in terms of customer experience, it will probably require you to make a few visits to the dealership, warns the US magazine. Consumer Reports.

Charles René
Charles René

Based on his experience with the maintenance of his own fleet of vehicles (because the American media acquires several vehicles per year), the owner of a model which has just been completely renewed has much more risk of have to go to the dealership often.

To support his claims, Consumer Reports Exposes issues regarding a recently renewed 2021 Hyundai Elantra that repeatedly stalled during pedestrian detection tests. In response, Hyundai initially said it was not aware of such a problem, only to issue a technical service bulletin to notify dealers and correct it while reprogramming its transmission.

The magazine also pointed out that no less than 12 vehicles in its fleet that had recently been overhauled required one or more appointments at dealerships for various reasons.

A beneficial expectation

The solution, according to Consumer Reports, is to wait a few months. This will allow the builders to adjust by seeing the various ailments attributable to the youth of the model appear. These can affect the assembly as much as they represent major design problems that can be corrected along the way by recalls.

So let’s be patient.


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