Plus de poids et moins de puissance en LM P2

The new cars meeting the Hypercar regulations – or rather accepted in the said category – should run in times similar to those of the LM P2s in recent years. The latter must therefore logically be slowed down so as not to interfere in the battle between the cars registered in the premier category.

Initially, the power of the Gibson V8 fitted to the Oreca 07 and other Ligier JS P217s was reduced by 30 kW. But that was not enough, a decision was taken to go even further.

Both in ELMS and WEC, they will enjoy 50 kW (about 67 hp) less than last year, and therefore drop to 400 kW (536 hp).

They will carry 20 kg more to reach 950 and will have to use their low-drag kit throughout the season, which until then had only been adopted on the occasion of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

« The initial strategy, announced last year, was to readjust performance with Goodyear 2021 version tires and reduce engine power by 30kW, ACO reported. Following the first phase of testing, and in consultation with Goodyear and the teams, the committee finally decided to continue with the tires that had already proven themselves in terms of performance and reliability. »


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