Mobivia announces the fusion of Smoove and Zoov

Mobivia announces that the merger between Smoove and Zoov is effective, in order to develop self-service electric bicycle offers and with the ambition of becoming the European leader in this promising market at the level of communities and companies.

DR / Smoove

Smoove and Zoov come together to create a new entity that “Will be able to support a wide variety of cities thanks to a range of bicycle sharing systems”.
« New offers based on the expertise of the two entities are being developed in order to respond to the multiplicity of uses of the electric bicycle and will be unveiled in the course of 2021 “, already announces a spokesperson for the new group.

Success stories

Created in 2008, Smoove specializes in the design and supply of self-service bicycle systems. She has deployed more than 50,000 electric and mechanical bikes in 23 cities around the world including Moscow, Vancouver, Helsinki, Lima and Paris, within the Smovengo consortium, the largest self-service bicycle service in the world with more than 360,000 subscribers and records at 215,000 trips per day. In Paris, however, everything is not always simple, in terms of the quality of services as well as the financial balance.

Otherwise, Woods was created in 2017 by Eric Carreel, successful entrepreneur (Inventel, Withings, Sculpteo…), Arnaud Le Rodallec and Amira Haberah. In just a few years, Zoov has established itself as a technological benchmark for self-service electric bicycles thanks to connected, efficient and sustainable electric bicycles, and to a particularly compact and lightweight charging station model. A solution also distributed in white label, for Pony for example, and which is accompanied by modules of fleet management.

Mobivia remains the reference shareholder of the new group

In this transaction, Mobivia, the parent company of Smoove via its subsidiary Via ID, remains the majority shareholder of the new entity, alongside the founders of Zoov and other investors (Daphni, C4 Ventures, Road Ventures, BNP Paribas Développement and the Bank of Territories).

“We are committed to supporting both medium-sized towns and large metropolises. Cycling must develop everywhere if we are to have an impact. Zoov’s technologies are revolutionary in that they significantly reduce investment and operating costs. Combined with our expertise with local authorities, they will enable us to make self-service more profitable, easier to set up, and open the field to additional uses ”, lance Benoit Yameundjeu, Managing Director of Smoove, who is in charge of the operational management of the new group.


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