Mercedes EQS shows off its MBUX Hyperscreen

The Mercedes EQS will be the great 100% electric Mercedes limousine. This luxurious Mercedes will be entitled to a screen going virtually from one amount of windshield to another.

With its MBUX (Mercedes Benz User Xperience), Mercedes usually puts two large digital panels under one glass to give an impression of continuity and a giant screen. Or, more recently, a large vertical central screen doubled as a screen for the on-board instruments.

Here, as an option of the EQS, we can have an MBUX Hyperscreen. Three screens will be installed under the same glass to give the illusion of a digital strip 141 centimeters wide.

In detail, the screen of the on-board instruments, for the driver, is 12.3 inches diagonally, it is the same size as the third screen, in front of the passenger. In the center sits a 17.7-inch screen in a landscape position. In addition to being tactile, the two screens, the central and the passenger one, have a haptic feel. Basically, the screen vibrates to the touch rather than beeping.

Also on the central screen and that of the passenger, Mercedes uses OLED technology (organic light-emitting diode or organic LED). Each pixel is its own light source (no backlight) and therefore the contrasts are greater, the colors brighter and the black colors correspond to pixels that are actually off.

Designed to last over time

In terms of ergonomics, the heating and air conditioning controls, tactile, remain permanently displayed. This will avoid criticism from those who don’t like looking through 3 menus to change the ventilation, and it avoids having physical dials.

In addition to having haptic feedback, Mercedes introduces screens with different responses depending on the down pressure. This is made possible by the use of a metal foam and allows different responses depending on the support.

Obviously, such a “giant screen” requires a lot of precautions and anticipations on the part of Mercedes. Tempered glass, resistant to scratches, heat, etc. is also very easy to clean according to the manufacturer. It is true that the prints all over the place are not very aesthetic.

The camera which watches the driver’s attention all the time will also see when he looks in the direction of the passenger screen. If any entertainment features are displayed and the driver attempts to view them, the screen turns off. Likewise, if the passenger seat is not occupied, this screen displays decorative images. The hyperscreen is not standard, and we must admit (see gallery) that without it, the interior loses a little its futuristic side, right?

The big electric Mercedes plays it CLS

If aesthetically, this EQS should be close to the guns of the thermal range, it will have a different profile from the S-Class. The roof goes further on the rear part and falls more gently than the large sedan with the star. In fact, in profile, it could be closer to the CLS with a straight body line (going up) and a pavilion in a simple circular arc.

The official camouflaged photos suggest that the EQS will be hatchback and not trunk. Based on the new modular Electric Vehicle Architecture (EVA) platform, this EQS should have an output of around 475 horsepower, a 100 kWh battery and around 700 km of homologated autonomy, promised by Mercedes. Finally, that was during the presentation of the EQS Vision in 2019.

Our opinion, by

On paper, this interior is very technoid and very pleasing to the eye. It remains to be seen the realization and aging over time. For the realization, we can be sure that Mercedes employs the best methods for an illusion of continuity of its MBUX Hyperscreen.

For resistance over time, Mercedes indicates that its tempered glass is intended to last, and that OLED screens (which experience natural fatigue of use) are constantly scrutinized and that the displays will avoid freezing on a still image for avoid afterglow (a ghost image is permanently displayed). The screen should even be protected from dust.

Mercedes’ credibility, its image, and that of the future large luxury electric limousine are at stake.


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