Mercedes-AMG unveils its future hybrid and electric, with more than 800 hp under the foot!: Models, tests, reviews and videos

AMG has unveiled its future hybrid and electric architectures.

How to become greener and meet CO2 targets fixed by Europe, when your name is AMG, with a reputation for thunderous V8s and wacky performance sedans? The answer is simple: coupling a hybrid system to heat engines already overpowered!

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This is what Mercedes-AMG announced duringa big conference around the future of the brand. This future will be on two axes: hybrid models, and more sporty versions of the already existing electric Mercedes.

For hybrid models, AMG has developed a completely new system consisting ofa 6.1 kWh battery and an electric motor that can develop up to 201 hp. The latter will be placed on the rear axle, with its own two-speed gearbox. The set will be four-wheel drive, with the power of the heat engine and the electric unit distributed to all four wheels depending on the circumstances and driving modes.

This system will first be used on the Mercedes-AMG GT73, hybrid version of the 4-Door GT Coupé. Coupled with the house biturbo V8, the assembly will then produce more than 800 hp, and 1,000 Nm couple! Enough to allow a 0 to 100 km / h within 3 seconds, despite the mass that one can imagine quite high.

More than 640 hp on the future C63 AMG

Then it will be the turn of the future C-Class AMG. The latter will receive the hybrid system and a 4 cylinders 2.0L instead of the V8 of the older generation. AMG promises responsiveness equal to that of a naturally aspirated V8, thanks to the immediate torque of the electric, and to a special turbo which can be boosted with battery power, thus bridging response time. This technology, similar to what is used in F1, is already present on the Project One. In total, this future C63 AMG should develop just over 640 hp.

Finally, AMG will tackle 100% electric models from Mercedes, like the EQC or the future EQS sedan. AMG reserves its traditional treatment for them: a more aggressive look and explosive performance. The preparer promises a 0 to 100 km / h in less than 4s. The launch of these models is scheduled for this year.

In short, at the end of these many announcements, we can imagine two reactions from AMG fans: regret first, with the (predictable) abandonment of all thermal and V8 on the C-Class, but also a certain excitement. , in view of stratospheric performance promised by the hybrid system developed by AMG. The future AMG GT73, C63 AMG, and electric EQS ​​and EQC AMG will set the tone this year.

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2/9 –

The Mercedes AMG ONE
AMG will launch its hypercar this year

© Daimler AG

3/9 –

The electric motor of the hybrid system
The electric motor is placed on the rear axle

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4/9 –

The platform for future electric AMGs
AMG will boost the current electric Mercedes

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5/9 –

The hybrid platform presented at the AMG conference
In total, the system will be able to develop more than 800 hp

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6/9 –

Detail of the badge of the future GT73 AMG
This hybrid will be capable of 0 to 100 in less than 3 seconds

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7/9 –

The future Mercedes-AMG GT73, 3/4 front
The GT73 combines the in-house twin-turbo V8 with a hybrid system

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8/9 –

The detail of the electric motor
This electric motor will be able to develop more than 200 hp

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9/9 –

The Mercedes-AMG One, 3/4 front
The One’s hybrid system is derived from F1


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