Sylvain, Gonzales, à la tête du garage Ecoéthanol à Frontignan met un point d'honneur à former des apprentis (illustration)

To illustrate this “Alternance and internship challenge”, in the Nouvelle éco of this Tuesday, April 6, Sylvain Gonzales has the floor. He is the boss of the Frontignan auto garage, Ecoéthanol. It does traditional mechanics and reconversion for those who want to run on bio-fuels. He has three employees and regularly takes on trainees, work-study students and apprentices to train them.

Sylvain Gonzales, the auto mechanics sector is obviously not at a standstill at the moment. Lucky for you by the way, the cars continue to roll.

Yes Yes. We are not administratively closed. We continue but the sector is not down, especially for work-study programs and trainees who are in BTS, Bac pro or even CAP. We can find certain talents but the workforce is in great demand.

Because you are having difficulty finding future young mechanics?

For the moment, not too much since it is especially the Joliot-Curie high school in Sète that sends us some. After for work-study programs and apprentices, it is above all the CFAs that take precedence.

And why do you regularly take young people in training? Is it important to you?

It is above all to give them the chance. Trying to find talents that could complement the teams in the garages and really, being able to find pedagogically can be a balance to say to them: “Here it is, in working life, the professionals are there, have confidence and above all have confidence in yourself “, because it is very rare that they trust themselves.

Welcoming a young person on a work-study program does not cost as much as some might think. Is there financial aid for businesses like you who are playing the game?

As all work deserves a salary, the apprentice must have a salary. He is not at the best of his qualities because he is an apprentice so there is training, we lose a little bit of time but it’s fair game. We will be able to train him well, we can take a little time and we know that the aids will help us to overcome this.

Besides, you will be doing this soon, it seems to me …

It is planned: two apprentices for September.

To finish Sylvain Gonzales, what would you like to say to other business leaders who listen to us but who remain reluctant to welcome young people and train them?

We were all young so we must give the chance to those who want, that’s it, quite simply.


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