Marrakech.  Bouderka concession, Gigantism and professionalism

Commissioned on the eve of the lockdown introduced last year, the multi-brand Bouderka SARL dealership can easily claim flagship status in the network of the Central Automobile Chérifienne, the importer of the Audi, Volkswagen and Skoda brands.

Unmissable at the entrance to Marrakech, the new Bouderka SARL concession is also visible from the sky. And for good reason. Located 16 km from the center of the ocher city, this “automobile cathedral” was erected on 6 hectares of land to represent the brands of the Central Automobile Chérifienne, namely Audi, Volkswagen and Skoda. It is neither more nor less the largest multi-brand representation of the city and even of the entire southern part of the kingdom. It is also, above all, a megastructure whose construction mobilized all the energy of Karim Bouderka, president of the establishment that bears his name. A man who has a long experience in the business and who has succeeded not only in making this project a reality, but also in moving local customers and more particularly those of Volkswagen who were used to a small showroom installed in Guéliz since 1973!

3 showrooms on 250 m of frontage
This same clientele is, without a doubt, delighted to travel around fifteen kilometers to go to a dealership, either to acquire a new vehicle, or for after-sales service. “Delighted”, because everything has been studied in detail, including the green space which adorns the exterior square adjoining the road. This plot, created by a landscaper, combines minerals and plants for the sake of saving water, but also to pay tribute to the arid surfaces of Jbilate which are visible in the distance when leaving one of the three showrooms. These three showcases aligned side by side have their own facades over a total length of 250 meters. The showroom part amounts to more than 2,800 m2 divided between Volkswagen (1,208 m2), Audi (1,018 m2) and Skoda (619 m2). In all three cases, the architecture, visual identity and interior furnishings meet the highest standards of the three flagship brands of the Volkswagen group. Common points between the three buildings: all have a showroom, office spaces, a meeting room and a workshop reception integrated into the showroom. “With a double objective of trust and transparency, we want our new customers to see how old ones are received and treated,” explains Karim Bouderka.

A whole ecological approach
Another common point between the three buildings: their roofs collect rainwater with a capacity of 480 tonnes! This water is collected in a (water) tank and treated to be reused in watering, car washing and the fire protection cover. Ditto for used oils, which are collected in a 4,000 liter tank and not released into the environment. Another ecological aspect and at the same time a source of energy savings: the lighting of the entire site is provided by lamps and luminaires with LED technology, which represents a significant investment. In the same environmental vein, the gigantic bay windows in the facades of the showrooms use “Planitherm” type glazing. It is a very high performance glass designed to provide better thermal insulation and avoid the greenhouse effect or the massive use of air conditioning in the event of high temperatures. Finally, and to offer a maximum reduction in electricity consumption, photovoltaic panels will soon be installed on the roofs and will provide renewable energy.

Workshops equipped with cutting-edge tools
If our visit takes us from one showroom to another, it started with a great tour of the after-sales area which occupies a total area of ​​4,300 m2! And there, surprise! Bouderka went all out. 30 workstations, including 22 lifts divided between 3 large workshops: one for mechanics, the other for bodywork and a final dedicated to rapid service. All the bridges are imported from Germany and certified by the VW group, including 4 from the Autop Stenhoj brand, the “Rolls” of the lift. Particularity of these workshops: the total absence of pillars, in order to reduce the risk of damaging the bodywork. There is also a digital straightening marble, preparation booths for painting with infrared drying and a paint shop which, too, swears by brands approved by VW, such as Standox. The workshops include 3 large stores divided into 2 levels and counting 20,641 references, of which 3,248 pieces are available. To manage these workshops, human capital plays a key role. Bouderka understood this, since he deployed, among other people, a team manager, a quality controller and storekeepers including a qualified engineer. Finally, it should be noted that places dedicated to catering, as well as an infirmary are made available to said staff. It is therefore not surprising to learn that thanks to its facilities and the professionalism of its teams, Bouderka posted increased sales figures at the end of February (see interview opposite). This is probably just the start of a long success story.

Jalil Bennani / Eco Auto Inspirations


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