The European Commission is currently preparing the future Euro 7 standard, which could give diesel and gasoline engines a fatal blow.

We must use all available propulsion chains to reduce the carbon footprint of our fleet“, said in a statement Oliver zipse, President of the Association of European Manufacturers (ACEA) and Chairman of the Board of Directors of BMW.

For the adoption of electric vehicles, a simple logic applies: the number of (electric) charging points and hydrogen stations that the European States commit to installing must determine realistic objectives in terms of C02 for 2030“said Mr. Zipse.

To achieve the objectives of the European “Green Pact”, it would be necessary to reach one million free access terminals by 2024, and three million by 2029, as well as one thousand hydrogen stations, claimed in February the ACEA, l association Transport & Environment and the federation of consumer unions BEUC.

Member states should also adopt a legal framework to speed up the development of private and public charging stations, according to ACEA.

Sales of electric vehicles doubled in Europe in 2020 and those of plug-in hybrids tripled, topping a total of one million vehicles sold.


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