Malcolm Wilson : « Important pour notre sport d'évoluer avec le temps »

This Wednesday, March 31, 2021 will be marked with a milestone in the history of WRC. It is today that the FIA ​​and the three manufacturers currently entered in the World Championship have set in stone their involvement in the future hybrid era which is due to begin in 2022.

If the presence of M-Sport and Toyota was hardly more doubtful, the recent validation of the program by Hyundai gave the final impetus to the process and will allow the three teams to orient themselves more and more in the development of future Rally1 in the coming weeks.

Already well advanced in its work, with the revelation in recent days of several teasers, M-Sport Ford does not hide its satisfaction and its ambitions.

“It has always been important for our sport to evolve with the times, and this commitment to hybrid technology aligns the future of rallying with Ford’s global commitment to a more sustainable future,” specifies Malcolm Wilson, boss of the British structure.

As the toughest championship for production cars, the WRC provides the perfect platform to test, develop and promote the latest in road car technology. What makes this development essential to the relevance and the continuation of our sport.

It is also an integral part of our continued successful partnership with Ford and preserves M-Sport’s immediate future in the WRC. Over the past two decades we’ve had some fantastic performance and developed some of the cars and fielded some of the most successful drivers.

Working closely with Ford Performance, we intend to continue this success in 2022 and progress on our future car continues with tests in the UK and America. There is still a long way to go, but we are determined to launch a victorious new self as the world moves towards a more sustainable future. “

It remains to be seen which model will be used by M-Sport and Ford for this hybrid era. Bets remain open.


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